Communication and Change Management

Locatie: Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Salaris: competitive
Sectoren: IT
Soort functie: Freelance

Dear network,

I am currently Searching for a experienced Communication and Change Management expert in te Amsterdam region.

Task, activities and deliverables:

* Further refine the storyboard (a simple, comprehensive and appealing document explaining the Why, What, How & When of the change initiative)

* Stakeholder analysis & plan (identification of key stakeholders individuals- and target audiences, incl. concrete actions on how to engage them)

* Stakeholder coaching: coaching leaders on how to guide change

* Change Impact assessment (overview of the level and type of impact per stakeholder group)

* Change strategy: description of the approach on how to guide change for the different stakeholder groups and how to monitor progress over time

* Change & communication plan: specific change interventions and communication events, materials and activities plotted over time.

* Work closely with the Communication Business Partner for IM to align communications brand wide. Furnish with content for employee communication.

* Training/onboarding plan: plan that outlines how the different stakeholder groups will be brought to the required level of knowledge, skills and understanding in the light of the change initiative.

* Communication events, materials & activities: development (and delivery) of the communications described in the Change & communication plan

* Training events, materials & activities: development (and delivery) of the training deliverables and activities described in the training/onboarding plan

Do you see a Match? Please get in contact ASAP by replying on this message or +31 20 530 5858