Associate Scientist - Bacterial Vaccines

Locatie: Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands
Salaris: competitive
Sectoren: Life Sciences
Soort functie: Freelance

Associate Scientist (Biochemical Assays and Antigenicity Screening)


The Bacterial Vaccines department is working on the discovery and early development of novel vaccines for bacterial infectious diseases. It strives to address unmet medical needs, such as bacteremia (sepsis), meningitis, and respiratory tract and nosocomial infections. Projects at the Bacterial Vaccines department are primarily structured on scientific and technical collaboration with external biotechnology partners (governmental and industrial) that are innovative leaders in their field. This working process includes 'state of the art' vaccine discovery, with subsequent in vivo evaluation of these vaccine candidates in animal models for immunogenicity and/or efficacy. In addition, manufacturing processes are optimized and established, and the resulting clinical trial material is evaluated in human clinical studies.

Your main responsibilities will be:

* Analysis of antigen-antibody interactions
* Develop new biochemical methods such as dot blots, capillary western blot, ELISA or biosensor based binding assays (evaluate LoD, LoQ, accuracy, etc.)
* With help from product development specialists, design and implement biochemical assays for in-process control (IPC), product characterization, and product release.


The qualified individual will possess a M.Sc. or B.Sc. with equivalent experience in Biological Science with at least 2-4 years of relevant experience in academia or biotech industry. The position requires significant knowledge of biochemistry and/or antigen-antibody interactions. Candidate is expected to have knowledge of biochemical literature with emphasis on biochemical assay development, optimization and troubleshooting. Familiarity with automated or semi-automated instrumentation, while not required, would be advantageous, as would familiarity with the multi-disciplinary activities involving antigen-antibody interactions. This role is intended to be a hands-on lab-based job with plenty opportunity to learn and develop new skillsets.


* M.Sc. or B.Sc. with equivalent experience
* Biochemical assay specialist


* Minimal 2-4 years of professional experience (experience at a biotech industry setting is a must).
* Experience with Biochemical analysis of carbohydrates, proteins and glycoconjugates.
* Knowledge of protein purification methods is desirable

Specific knowledge:

* Knowledge of biochemical literature, with emphasis on biochemical assay development, optimization and troubleshooting.
* Very good knowledge on bacterial cell surface molecules
* Hands on expertise on biochemical analysis of large biomolecules with focus on antigen-antibody interactions
* Experience and knowledge on chemical modification of microbial surface components
* Significant knowledge on purification and enrichment of large biochemical entities
* Must have: Hands on experience on colorimetric assays, ELISA, Cell based assays, labelling of biomolecules.
* Nice to have: SPR/ Biolayer interferometry/Mesoscale thermophoresis/ITC based screening of biochemical interactions etc.

We are looking for someone who can start right away (or within a couple of weeks). Dutch or English is both fine.

For more information, and to apply, please send me a direct email to j.vanbaalen(@) with your most recent CV + Cover letter.