PCS7/Automation Engineer

Lieu: Walloon brabant, Belgium
Salaire: CAR
Secteurs: Ingénierie
Type d'emploi: Mission Freelance
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1° Project coordination through Integrate (UPPM) and Budget Tool

2° Team coordination (Meeting)

3° Customers contacts

4° Follow-up Steering committee

The client is a pharmaceutical industry located in the Walloon Brabant.

1° Project coordination :


- Prepare and present to the departmental staff the gate submission

- Prepare the budget evaluation through the PMO toolbox with the feedback of each SMEs

- Prepare and present the Kick off meeting with all people impacted by the project (Stakeholders, SME,


- Write the SSR (Sponsor and Stakeholders Evaluation)

- Ensure the Project Methodology is applied all long of project (Flow Chart)


- Define project charter

- Make the periodic review

- Update the Gantt chart

- Highlight Issues and Risks (Schedule, Budget, other)

- Ensure the workload forecast is completed and updated periodically to be representative of the reality

- Complete its own timecard for the 1st of each month


- Ensure through all extracts available that the budget is aligned with expectations (Ressources in

UPPM/ACCESS ; Material and other expenditure through BI or SAP Extracts)


- Lead the team project

- Ensure all responsibilities are defined as soon as possible (RACI)

- Define the Milestones and the Deadline

- Ensure the planning is defined, updated and communicated (by himself of by the planner if present)

- Very Good communication with the Technical coordinator and Construction Manager

2° Team coordination :

- Program recurrent meetings to ensure all activities are aligned with schedule

- Review all points with the team

- Ensure a good communication to the team/Sponsor and Management

- Provide a structure to centralise all project information/documentation

- Ensure the follow-up of action log

- Ensure team spirit

3° Customers contacts :

- Ensure a good communication with customer

- Evaluate if all requirements are met

- Ensure all change of scope or change technical are documented through the document appropriate (Change of

scope) and authorised by the Sponsor

4°Follow-up Steering committee :

- Ensure that a periodically steering committee is planned

- Ensure the communication to the Management is done and all actions are taken

Bachelor Degree with min 5 years experience in Project Management


Good communication





Pragmatism to solve issues

Fully act at owns initiative

Attractive salary with extra advantages

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