• Seven signs you're ready to move on from your current role


    Seven signs you’re ready to move on from your current role Making the decision to move on from your job is always difficult. But if you’re a skilled professional who’s tempted by the idea of moving jobs, it’s important to consider all opportunities available, and the team at Progressive are here to help you every step of the way. We took a look at some of the signs that coul...

  • How technology is changing the way people apply for jobs


    As technology advances, the process of applying for a job has significantly changed, with the days of handing in paper CV’s slowly becoming a thing of the past. With companies re-thinking the different ways in which they handle the job application process, we decided to take a look into how this impacts recruitment. The value of job boards and storing data online When lookin...

  • AI singularity is on its way


    “200 scientists average that singularity is only 20 years away,” stated Liesl Yearsley, CEO of, at the 2018 CeBIT Conference in Sydney. Singularity is a term used by many scientists to refer to a point in the near future where machines will have a technologically-created cognitive capacity far beyond that of humankind. In comparison to today where Artificial Intelli...

  • How beneficial is cloud migration for your organisation?


    Cloud migration – the process of moving data and applications from local storage devices to a remote database, or moving them from one cloud to another – is becoming more prominent today. According to the “Anatomy of a cloud migration” report released by Rackspace, companies are migrating to the cloud due to the increased availability of technological advances – rather than ...

  • How innovation within the retail sector has impacted the demand for automation engineers


    For many, the concept of automation is associated with a loss of jobs. However this is rarely the case; automation can actually lead to a wealth of opportunity. As the engineering industry becomes more automated, we’re seeing a significant demand in specialist roles. We spoke to Samuel Robinson, Recruitment Consultant at Progressive, to find out more. The changing face of re...

  • The Importance of a Diverse Workforce


    What is the importance of a diverse workforce? And how can we attract and retain talent? The journey of gender diversity in Australian workplaces, for the majority of businesses, still has a long way to go; while awareness of the issue seems to be increasing, there is no quick fix so progress remains frustratingly slow. The most recent report from the Workplace Gender Equali...

  • Providing our Customers with the Best Tech Solutions #becauseitmatters


    As new technologies change our digital landscape, the demand for highly skilled IT professionals increases to match. Our recruiters from Progressive, an SThree brand, work hard to stay one step ahead of the curve, always evolving to match the changing demands of this market, and continue to provide our customers with the best solutions for their needs. Rebecca Teague, an App...

  • Developing the High Achievers of Tomorrow


    Being an effective recruitment agency means maintaining a keen awareness of what's happening in the job market, and keeping a finger on the pulse of what employers and candidates are looking for. What a person in 2017 wants from their career is vastly different to what someone in a similar role would have wanted even just ten years ago, and the best organisations are those t...

  • Salesforce: The Trending CRM


    Over the last three years there has been a steady increase in spending on CRM Software internationally, and with Salesforce still holding the top spot, with almost a 20 per cent market share according to Gartner, it’s not surprising that there is a shortage of Salesforce Professionals in the Australian Market. This increase in investment and market share means experienced de...

  • Empowering your operations at the game changers meeting place


    At the end of March 2017, market leading companies gathered together in London for the two day Logistics and Supply Chain Conference. A number of key speakers from companies, such as Clarks, GSK, Amazon and SIG, spoke about challenges they face within logistics and supply chain and how to overcome them. Just as in recent years, the event highlighted innovative new approaches...