About This Event

Despite efforts to promote and encourage women’s involvement in the energy sector, it remains one of the least gender diverse sectors in the U.S. economy according to the 2020 U.S. Energy and Employment Report. The report finds that the number of women in the energy sector ranges from just 23 percent to 32 percent, compared to the overall economy where women make up 47 percent of the workforce.

In research conducted by the Clean Energy Ministerial, it was discovered that “careers in the energy sector are generally not being pitched to women through formal channels such as career counselors, student employment advisors, job centers, recruitment sessions, or career fairs.” The structural and cultural challenges that women face, in addition to the lack of women in leadership positions in energy, compounds the difficulty in recruiting and retaining female talent in the energy sector.


Guest Speakers

janisse quinones national grid

Janisse Quiñones
VP Gas Engineering, National Grid

kimberlee centera terrapro solutions

Kimberlee Centera
CEO, TerraPro Solutions

vicky jackson nielsen hess corporation

Vicky Jackson Nielsen
Director, Drilling & Completions - Bakken,
Hess Corporation

Moderated By

Rick Meese
Sr. Director, Power & Renewables