Webinar Recording - Grid Modernization

Modernizing the electric grid has always been an ongoing effort. But in recent years, it’s become apparent that the grid we have today does not have the attributes necessary to meet the demands of the 21st century and beyond.

Improving grid reliability and resilience is no easy task. The industry faces a number of obstacles, including aging infrastructure and extreme weather events. But alongside these challenges are massive opportunities for growth and innovation.

Our guest panelists from DTE Energy, Dominion Energy, and Georgia Power Company discuss the complexities in modernizing the electric grid and building the utility of the future.

Guest Speakers:

Stephen Bennett
Transmission Maintenance & Support Manager
Georgia Power

Jason Hawkins
Manager, Distribution Standards
Dominion Energy

Richard Mueller
Manager, Engineering Technology
DTE Energy

Moderated by:

Lucy Earnshaw
Team Manager, Power & Utilities

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