About This Event

Renewable energy is a relatively young industry in comparison to traditional energy sources. The industry has had to adapt and react to several changes within the last decade, from new policies and incentives to advancements in technology. In this webinar, we will be joined by renewable energy professionals to learn how they have had to adapt in their respective roles.

Other discussion topics include:

  • The skills most in demand right now
  • The impact of federal incentives and tax credits
  • How workers from other industries can break into renewable energy

Guest Speakers

Lashanda Gray, Health Safety and Environment

Lashanda Gray
Health, Safety & Environmental Specialist

Mike Recktenwald, Site Manager

Mike Recktenwald
Wind Energy Site Manager

Megan Condon, Renewable Energy recruiter at Progressive

Megan Condon
Sr. Executive Consultant,
Progressive GE

Moderated By

Stefan Hirniak, Senior Director at Progressive

Stefan Hirniak
Sr. Director, Power & Renewables
Progressive GE

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