Webinars and Virtual Events

We regularly host free webinars and virtual events that feature pioneering companies across the industries at the forefront of renewable energy and sustainability. 

These roundtable events provide insights into various topics related to careers, diversity & inclusion, new innovations, and advancements in technology.

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Our Last Event

In our most recent event, "The Role of Natural Gas in a Climate-Focused Future," we were joined by industry leaders Charles Crews, President at FPH Consulting Services, and Shawn Patterson, VP & COO at Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, to discuss the future state of the natural gas industry.

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Past Events

The Growth of Residential Solar: From Job Creation to Eco-Innovations

Residential solar leaders from Sunrun, Sun Light & Power, and Wells Solar came together to discuss the future of the industry, including workforce opportunities and challenges, advancements in storage, and innovations in solar panel recycling.

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Environment, Health & Safety: A Top Priority for the Utility Sector

Thought leaders from DTE Energy, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Quanta discuss the challenges facing health and safety within utilities and the successes they've had.

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Adapting to Change Within an Evolving Renewable Energy Industry

In this event, we were joined by a health & safety specialist with experience in wind and solar, and a wind energy site manager. They each discussed the changes occurring within the renewable energy industry and spoke at length about transferable skills and how others can gain entry into this growing industry.

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Women in Energy: Closing the STEM Gender Gap

Women leaders representing the utilities, renewable energy, and oil & gas industries share actions that energy companies can take to increase representation and ways that men can be allies.

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Grid Modernization: Opportunities & Obstacles

Improving grid reliability and resilience is no easy task. The industry faces a number of obstacles, including aging infrastructure and extreme weather events. But alongside these challenges are massive opportunities for growth and innovation.

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The Future of Renewable Energy in a Changing Fiscal Environment

With the reduction in credits over the next two years, our panelists from Arevon Energy and Origis Services explore the changing landscape in solar in particular, and how job seekers and employers alike can better prepare for the next decade of change and growth.

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