Employment Solutions That Deliver Value

As expectations for staffing services evolve, so do we. Progressive offers our enterprise level partners the following value and services:


top talent

Top Talent

We're proud to partner with the highest caliber of professionals across a range of markets. Our diverse acquisition strategies allow us to ensure that all professionals put forward for your consideration are reliable, skilled, and an excellent match for your company.

How We Attract Talent

Step 1:

  • Referral network
  • Online tools
  • Conferences and virtual events

Step 2:

  • Industry specialist screening
  • Reference checking
  • Competency and technical screening

Step 3:

  • Manager interviews
  • Introduction of prospective Progressive employee(s) to customer

enhanced services

Enhanced Services

Progressive delivers significant value to its enterprise partners through its operational capacity to provide additional services that sets it apart from its competition. Progressive can offer the following value add services:

  • Employee Vehicles & Fleet Management
  • Travel & Accommodation Services
  • Technology, including laptops & cell phones
  • Employee Training & Certification
  • PPE and Fall Protection



risk mitigation and compliance

Risk Mitigation & Compliance

Progressive is part of a larger publicly traded company and therefore maintaining stringent compliance is in our very DNA. To further limit exposure to a wide range of risks facing our clientele, Progressive maintains rigorous contractual compliance and employs substantive measures to further mitigate risk.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Quarterly Employee Performance Reviews
  • Employee Training & Continuing Education
  • Employee HSE Support
  • Employee HR & Payroll Support

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