Tech Is Changing The Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry

In Q1 2022, the average size of food recalls soared by 328%, many caused by food processing issues.

Three major technological trends are changing the industry for the better, making processes more cost effective and less prone to error than ever before.

Data analysis

Manufacturing companies can generate value from their data. They can fit sensors onto various pieces of machinery, which can report back when something abnormal is detected, such as a machine consuming more oil than usual. Knowing precisely when plant machinery needs maintenance helps to keep downtime minimal and improves safety, as well as generating huge cost savings.


Change in the food and beverage sector has been accelerated by the pandemic. During the lockdowns, many factories were shut down and those remaining operational had to lower staff numbers to maintain social distancing. This caused production to fall, requiring increased use of labor-saving technology, such as high-speed packaging lines and autonomous mobile robots. Automation helped companies to survive lockdowns and is now playing a big part in the industry, reducing human error and improving productivity.

Augmented reality (AR)

AR is an incredibly powerful tool for food and beverage manufacturing. It can guide workers through processes by overlaying digital instructions directly onto a work surface. This can substantially reduce errors in food processing, which lead to product recalls. It can also improve product quality and safety, helping to curb instances of foodborne illness.

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