Case Study: Utility Scale Wind Farm - New Construction


A global renewable energy construction company manages many power plants worldwide. One of its projects, with staffing support from Progressive, is a major wind farm in the American Midwest that will remove nearly 2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

At the outset, site managers realized that some of the design work for the project’s turbines had been lost in translation. The misunderstanding had the potential to stress materials delivery and timelines. It also might have forced teams to redo blueprint drawings while building was in progress.

The energy company required expertly trained individuals to ensure construction could continue through the additional design process. The company also needed the contracted staff to arrive with the requisite equipment, ready to hit the ground running.

The Progressive Solution

The search for expertise led to Progressive. Many third-party staffing firms offer talent for only a narrow set of renewable energy roles. The energy company’s project manager was elated to learn that Progressive vets and works with experts in a host of specialized fields, from engineering disciplines to health and safety and administrative responsibilities.

On sites like this wind farm, the project owner contracts 10-20 people for roles on its oversight team. Progressive provided personnel with the precise skill sets needed, including civil and mechanical engineers, quality control and electrical experts.

The quick deployment of talent made it much easier for the project owner to fill vacancies on the job site and keep momentum going even through the design revisions. 

“I know contractors’ skills often don’t match exactly what we’re looking for. With Progressive, I haven’t seen that mismatch yet,” said the project manager.

"Most of all, I appreciate the flexibility of Progressive's professionals. They had individuals available in short order who were ready for full engagement on the site. Not only that, but Progressive hires were able to help on other job sites if necessary."

- Wind Energy Client Project Manager


The individuals recruited from Progressive were exactly what the renewable energy company needed to keep the wind farm on schedule. Progressive’s extensive expertise in niche fields allowed the energy company to bridge the gap between what was communicated and what had to be built.

In addition to excellent skill-set matching, the company lauded the flexibility and knowledge sharing of Progressive’s contracted talent.

Progressive provided knowledgeable and precisely skilled talent for the company, which was able to avoid potential hiccups early in the project.

The wind farm became operational on schedule and as planned. It serves as another example of Progressive’s dedication to helping renewable energy companies rise above expectations and succeed through challenges.

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