Case Study: ENGIE Anson Solar Project


In November 2019, ENGIE—a global leader in sustainable energy solutions—began construction on a 200-megawatt utility-scale solar farm in Anson, Texas. Staffing the Anson Solar Project required hundreds of workers with expertise in numerous construction fields.

As ENGIE staffed and began the project, a clear challenge emerged. The project team realized it required additional quality control inspectors to ensure project success.

To address this gap, it needed to add staff quickly to support existing quality assurance team members or risk incurring delays due to overburdened construction and quality assurance teams.

With ENGIE’s focus on safety and delivery against a tight project timeline, it needed a staffing firm with a strong track record of delivery and candidates experienced with the tools, processes and technology required for the job, backed by a reliable, long term workforce.

The Progressive Solution

ENGIE turned to Progressive, a leader in staffing renewable energy projects across all solar industry market sectors, including utility-scale, commercial, and residential.

Progressive has a pipeline of pre-vetted individuals with the requisite skill sets for renewable energy construction jobs and ensures candidate reliability by:

● Conducting industry-specialist screening
● Performing thorough reference checks
● Engaging in competency and technical screening
● Providing comprehensive post-placement services

Because of Progressive’s vetting and job matching, its workers understand job requirements and arrive with the capabilities required to lead projects to completion.

Beyond finding ideal candidates, Progressive offers back-office assistance, including payroll services and legal and insurance support. Furthermore, Progressive’s enhanced services offering ensures workers arrive on site with requisite vehicles, PPE, training and tools to perform their job effectively.

The unique combination of handpicked talent and enablement services provides critical value for renewable energy construction companies.

"Progressive mobilized people quickly for the project with the experience we needed. The workers we hired through Progressive were reliable and able to hit the ground running with vehicles and gear." - ENGIE Project Manager


With tight timelines, the Anson Solar Project needed the right staff in place quickly, especially to support the inspection and activity ramp up.

Progressive had the trusted, skilled, and experienced inspectors, site manager, and materials supervisor ENGIE needed to avoid those potential pitfalls.

In January 2021, the Anson Solar Project successfully came online as scheduled.

To learn more about how Progressive can help you staff your renewable energy project quickly and reliably, contact us.