Articles - 2022

Specialist Staffing Group Commits to Achieving Gender Parity by 2030

21 Jul 2022

SThree Gross Profit Rises 30% In First Half of Fiscal Year

20 Jun 2022

SThree Hires Staffing Industry Veteran Dan Turner as COO, Americas

26 Apr 2022

SIA: UK-Headquartered SThree Reports Gross Profit up 29% In Fiscal First Quarter

21 Mar 2022

SThree plc, a UK-headquartered professional staffing firm focused on STEM skills, reported net fees, or gross profit, rose 29% year over year in constant currency in its fiscal first quarter ended Feb. 28.

Proactive Investors: SThree says strong momentum continued into 2022

21 Mar 2022

SIA: Sunny Ackerman is named one of North America's 100 most influential leaders in staffing

07 Mar 2022