2023 Engineering Market Report


We’ve recently seen major challenges in the macro-economic and geopolitical backdrop, but for many hiring managers and professionals, these shakeups are actually creating new opportunities for transformation and growth within engineering including Renewable Energy, Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing industries.

While the industry saw some unexpected changes and layoffs due to the pending recession in 2022, it seems businesses have managed to get back on track and their needs are rising again at a rapid pace. Despite many organizations turning to layoffs and hiring freezes in Q1, we're still seeing a major need for skilled STEM talent to fill major gaps in the engineering industry. The latest data released by the BLS is proving to us that 2023 is positioning itself as a year for substantial growth and innovation. We can once again look forward to a promising future within engineering and Progressive's 2023 Engineering Market Report is providing some BOLD predictions for the remainder of the year that could play a crucial part in your hiring or career strategies.

As the industry continues to show growth, Progressive Recruitment is ready to connect the best engineering talent with the top renewable energy, oil & gas, power & utilities, and manufacturing companies in the U.S. Our consultants are up to date on the latest market trends, allowing us to offer truly in-depth solutions regarding the unique challenges that are facing your business or your career. Our team of Engineering recruitment consultants is equipped with extensive knowledge and is ready to accelerate your engineering career. Contact us today!

Reach out to your Progressive Consultant to get a copy of the newest report or let us know here.

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