Ben Sheibley: Transitioning from Boston to Chicago

Ben Sheibley has been part of the Progressive GE team since 2021, when he started as an Associate Recruitment Consultant in Boston, Massachusetts. In conjunction with a promotion, Ben relocated to Chicago in 2022 and continued to find success delivering staffing solutions to his new region. Ben utilized the Mobility Program of our parent company, Specialist Staffing Group, to help him smoothly transition during his move across the country.

Over a year after his move, Ben is really enjoying his new environment and embracing the culture of Chicago. To others undergoing big moves like this he recommends, “be as open as you can to new experiences, new friends, all of it.” 

Moving away from friends and family can be a daunting experience to jump into, so it is important to do your research and make all the proper preparations, and utilize resources like our Mobility Program to help you along the way. “Do some research about the place you want to go and take the leap,” Ben shared.

When arriving in a new city with no personal connections, it is important to find a community to be involved in as you grow accustomed to the change. Ben's advice? “Lean on your coworkers and build a support system. Get involved in your community through events or volunteering, there’s always something to do if you keep your eyes and ears open.”

After undergoing his successful move with the help of our Mobility Program, Ben is an advocate for the program and hopes that his colleagues take advantage of it if a similar opportunity arises. Ben says, “everything was completely seamless and Specialist Staffing Group helped me every step of the way.” It is great to hear that our Mobility Program is providing help for so many of our employees, and we encourage other organizations to establish similar programs to help their colleagues through their transitions!

2023 President's Club

26 Mar 2023

Congratulations to our colleagues who got to spend some time in Mexico! We're proud to celebrate your hard work and the recognition you've received for your achievements. We know how much effort it takes to be the best, and we are thrilled that you are getting the appreciation you deserve. This round of applause is for all of you, who have made this possible.

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