July Jobs Report: 187K Jobs Added, Manufacturing and Engineering Contribute

July Jobs Report: 187K jobs added, meeting analyst expectations

Another 187k jobs were added and unemployment went down to 3.5% in June's Bureau of Labor Statistics Jobs Report, nearly matching analyst expectations (200k job additions predicted). Taking into consideration other data, such as GDP, productivity and consumer spending, which all have been surprisingly strong lately, analysts are less concerned about the US economy heading into an immediate contraction. But, definite signs of cooling are prevalent. 

In terms of hiring, the report indicates that most people who want to work can find jobs, keeping upward pressure on wages. The labor market is rebalancing, but it’s a gradual process, and that explains why we’re still seeing some tightness.

Professional, scientific and technical services, the subsector that includes STEM jobs and engineering, was once again a top performing industry with 24k jobs added and saw a slight dip in its unemployment rate for the second month in a row. Here's a look at key engineering and manufacturing jobs report insights.

Key Engineering and Manufacturing Jobs Report Insights

Total Jobs Added: +187k

Jobs Added in Professional, Scientific and Technical Sector: +24k

Jobs in Engineering: +800

Jobs in Manufacturing: -2k

Growth In Engineering & Manufacturing Sector

We are seeing significant investments across the country that are creating engineering, manufacturing and clean energy jobs.

The White House recently announced the first offshore wind lease sale in the Gulf of Mexico, which will employ more than 1,000 workers across nine unions to build the vessel. The White House said over the past three years, companies have invested nearly $3.5 billion across 12 manufacturing facilities and 13 ports, resulting in thousands of new jobs.

The Boeing Co. wants to build new aerospace programs in St. Louis, Missouri, which would create 500 jobs. The project will also support roughly 16,000 current Boeing employees in the St. Louis area, according to the county. Boeing said the project is about “looking ahead to the future and making advanced manufacturing production facilities.”

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There is a strong demand for manufacturing workers in Maine. A ceremony was recently held to mark the return of manufacturing to a former paper mill in Madison. It’s expected more than 100 jobs will be created as a result. According to the Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership, employers are pulling out all the stops to find and hire talent in the state because they feel workers are not aware of all the opportunities in the state.

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Skills Needed For Renewable Energy Career

If you’re interested in the green energy field, you need to have certain skills for a solid career. However, you might be surprised at just how attainable some of them actually are.

  1. Technical Knowledge - Understanding how a wind farm works or how solar panels are assembled can go a long way in helping you start your career in renewable energy.
  2. Communication Skills - Being able to communicate effectively, both written and verbally, with team members is crucial to your success.
  3. Natural Curiosity - You should have a drive to learn how and why things work for a career in this technical field.
  4. Motivation and Drive - The renewable energy field can be very physically demanding, so it is important to have that motivation keeping you going each day.

Having these skills is great if you’re just starting out, but stronger technical abilities will help you go much further and have a long-term career in renewables. Training and experience in project management, engineering, construction, finance, or operations will lead to landing a rewarding career in renewables.

Interested in a career as a solar technician or wind technician—the two fastest growing jobs in the U.S.? Consider that technicians spend much of their workday assembling and installing complex equipment. Already being qualified with a trade related to electrical or mechanical systems will help broaden your job search options.

Lastly, a passion for clean energy is necessary. The work you do today at a wind or solar farm ensures we reduce carbon emissions and help keep our environment clean for future generations. 

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