October Is National Energy Awareness Month

The U.S. Department of Energy designates every October as National Energy Awareness Month--a time to raise awareness by providing leadership in energy management.

First celebrated in 1991 during President George H.W. Bush’s time in office, Energy Awareness Month originally was meant to raise awareness for managing the nation’s energy (which was much less focused on renewable sources) in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Today, the nation celebrates by continuing to optimize energy resilience, modernize the power grid, and turn towards renewable energy and sustainable practices. We not only look to federal agencies to act and meet requirements for energy efficiency and renewable energy targets but can also take steps in our own home or business to efficiently manage our energy usage.

Quick Energy Usage Facts

  • AC and Heating contributes to over half of U.S. household energy consumption
  • Electricity and natural gas are the most used household energy sources
  • Using LED lightbulbs can save you 25%-80% energy
  • Petroleum and natural gas still account for 66% of energy used in the U.S.
  • Renewable energy still only accounts for 12% of energy used in the U.S.

How can you can be energy efficient?

1. Perform a home energy audit

  • Control your energy spend as we enter autumn and winter
  • Determine losses and seek areas of improvement

2. Properly maintain your AC and heating systems

  • Heating bills account for 42% of residential energy use
  • Ensure filters are clean

3. Find and seal leaks

  • Check walls, ceilings, windows, doors, switches, and outlets
  • Potential 20% reduction in AC and heating bills

4. Utilize a smart thermostat

  • Programmable thermostats can prevent overusing energy

5. Decrease water temperature

  • Heating water accounts for 18% of home energy consumption

6. Change to LED light bulbs

  • LED consumes 25-80% less energy than incandescent bulbs

7. Wash clothes in cold water

  • 90% of energy used by a washing machine goes towards heating the water

The rise of the climate-conscious consumer

This is a fascinating time of innovation and technological advancements that could ensure a healthy future for the planet. More than ever before, we are seeing governments across the world introduce numerous regulations and targets for renewable energy usage.

As individuals, we are becoming increasingly conscious about reducing pollution and how our personal actions are affecting the planet. More American homeowners are turning to rooftop solar to power their homes. The residential solar sector had its largest quarter in history this year with 1.36 GWdc installed, setting its fifth-straight quarterly record.

From where we eat and shop to the electricity powering our houses, so many of our choices have impact on the environment.

Help spread the message on social media

We've put together images sized for social media that you can use to help spread awareness about National Energy Awareness Month. Right click or long-press on each image to save to your device.

Use the hashtag #EnergyAwarenessMonth to join the conversation on social media!

Download checklists to ensure your home and office are energy efficient

Even small changes in our workspaces and households can make a positive impact. Here are a couple checklists of things you can do at work and at home to manage your energy usage and become more climate and eco-conscious.

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