Case Study: Helping Arevon Energy Reach Its Growth Goals

Progressive works with a multitude of renewable energy clients – from developers to manufacturers – and helps them connect with skilled engineering talent. And over the past few years, our business in the renewable energy space has dramatically increased.

We have supported Arevon Energy, North America’s leading renewable energy asset manager, with several placements over the last five years, from leadership to specialist roles. Arevon Energy handles projects that offer a variety of renewable energy solutions across wind, solar, and battery storage, among others. As an organization with ambitious growth plans, it’s vital for this business to find professionals who are the perfect fit. That’s where we come in.

Purpose is at the heart of Arevon Energy, and they truly care about issues relating to climate change. That’s why they need us to find the right people who share their values, not just people who can simply do the job. Through our expert recruitment techniques, we match skills and passion – finding people with greenfield and brownfield experience and who are proponents of the green energy revolution. Because of the relationships we establish with our clients, we are able to present candidates with confidence that they will be a great fit.

We've supplied Arevon Energy with a wide range of talent, including:

  • Sales, marketing, and business development
  • Asset managers for utility scale developments
  • Government affairs
  • Origination managers

Arevon Energy is also fully committed to building a more diverse and inclusive workforce within the renewable energy space. And we’ve assisted them in this area too, by connecting them to a diverse range of candidates and helping to bring more women into engineering roles. Bringing people who care about the environment together is embedded in our DNA.

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