Progressive Named in SIA's Largest Engineering Staffing Firms List

Staffing Industry Analyst (SIA) has placed Progressive at #13 on its 2020 list of Largest Engineering Staffing Firms in the U.S. The brand's performance has put them closer to the top as they have moved three spots up from last year's ranking and made a monumental leap from coming in at the 50th spot just four years ago. 

Ranked by revenue, this year's list included 26 firms that have generated at least $50 million during the previous year.

In addition to being recognized as one of the largest engineering staffing firms, Progressive also ranks as the sixth fastest growing engineering staffing firm in the U.S.

"To be recognized by SIA is an extreme honor. We're also very proud to have supported our customers through what has been a challenging year. As we enter the new year, we are motivated and driven more than ever by a single purpose: to bring skilled people together to build the future," said Managing Director of Progressive, Matt McManus.

The full report is available for SIA’s Corporate and CWS Council Members:

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