How to Get a Job in the Renewable Energy Industry

The Clean Jobs America 2020 report finds that the renewable energy industry supports more than 500,000 jobs in America. Of that number, over 345,000 are jobs in solar energy and nearly 115,000 are wind energy jobs. Although the renewable energy sector has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is expected to rebound and add thousands of more jobs in the years ahead. Here's a snapshot of the current state of the industry:

Renewable Energy Industry Statistics

  • California has the most jobs in the solar industry (over 74,000!), while Texas leads for jobs in wind
  • Wind energy has seen the largest increase in job opportunities year-over-year compared to solar
  • The clean energy sector now employs more people than the entire fossil fuel sector with many workers transitioning their career from oil & gas to renewable energy
  • The two fastest-growing jobs in the United States are solar panel installers (projected to grow 105% by 2026) and wind turbine technicians (projected to grow 96% by 2026).

How to Get into the Renewable Energy Industry

1) Take courses and do your research

Like virtually any industry, workers need to have certain skills and experience to get their foot in the door. So where to begin? A great place to start is by researching the numerous free and paid courses available. For example, Solar Energy International offers a free Introduction to Renewable Energy course covering the basics, including technologies and trends.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) funds the Solar Training Network, which connects people interested in a solar energy career with the training needed to the enter the industry. The DOE’s WINDExchange is also a great resource for wind energy education and training programs.

There are several renewable energy news and blog sites worth checking out. With new content posted daily, Greentech Media is a leader and authority in clean energy news.

2) Start networking

With millions of people now working remotely, there has been a large increase in virtual events and webinars. Most of the time, these are free to attend and offer an easy way to build your network.

There are also several renewable energy associations you can consider joining. Most notable are the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and American Clean Power (ACP). You also don’t necessarily have to become a member to access the number of resources they have available.

Finally, become active on social media. LinkedIn and Reddit have large communities of professionals working in the renewable energy industry. The Solar Energy Network on LinkedIn has over 150,000 members, and the Renewable Energy Subreddit has over 81,000 members sharing information daily about the industry.

3) Connect with a recruiter

Even if you’re not ready to begin your job search, you should still consider connecting with a recruiter. Our recruitment consultants are experts in the renewable energy field and are available to answer your questions. Because our team works with many of the leading companies in the industry, our consultants can tell you about the trends they’re seeing or the skills that are most in-demand with solar and wind companies. They can also give you tips on how to improve your resume and highlight the skills and experience that hiring managers look for.

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