As the end of 2021 approaches, we felt it important to look back at the incredible year we had in STEM staffing and recruitment across the energy and engineering space. The work that our contractors did this year during the pandemic has been critical and instrumental in our nation's economic recovery. So, a huge debt of gratitude is owed to you! 

We must also recognize our stellar contract staffing and permanent staffing teams for always setting the bar so high and committing yourselves to our purpose of bringing skilled people together to build the future.

Our president Sunny Ackerman said: “If our current performance indicates what's ahead, I have complete confidence that we will set even more benchmarks and higher records. The US continuously delivers, which tells me that our success isn't scenario-driven, but the result of multiple contributions, executed by expertise and commitment.”

We are excited to see what great things are in store for us all in 2022! Here are some of the top highlights from each of our teams this year:


∙ This year, the manufacturing team supported a large confectionary with creating more automation and improving supply chain efficiency.

∙ One of the world's largest food manufacturers relied on us to provide the food science and product development talent they needed to build the recipes of the future.

∙ We also partnered with a start up whose purpose is to provide meat and protein replacements through plant-based alternatives, as consumers continue to prioritize health and wellness in increasing numbers.

Power & Utilities

∙ Our Boston utilities team saw explosive growth this year and have positioned themselves for continued growth for years to come with customers across the New England and northeastern region all making significant commitments to net zero goals that will impact transmission and distribution.

∙ Our Chicago utilities team has also had a banner year, which included partnering with an enterprise-level corporation currently planning significant project engineering investments, and strengthening relationships with existing customers to expand our partnerships and open new lines of business.

∙ Our teams in Houston and San Diego supported several projects that will have a positive impact on our urban and rural communities across the country--from efforts to modernize our grid to improving resiliency and reducing outage risk.

Renewable Energy

∙ Not only did the team place STEM talent in projects across the country, they also added 12 new members to the team and expanded to Boston after being solely based in our Houston office.

∙ Our STEM talent throughout the US supported over 2 GW of new solar and wind construction--enough to deliver power to 1.5 million homes.

∙ This year also marked the first time that the team expanded beyond solar and onshore wind by supporting new battery storage construction and geothermal projects.

∙ With new partnerships with many of the largest players in offshore wind, the team is well-positioned for even greater success in 2022 and beyond.

Oil & Gas

∙ This year, we saw the oil and gas industry start to rebound. As more Americans got vaccinated against COVID-19, transportation activity rose and increased the demand for oil.

∙ To meet the growing demand, we were there to support our customers with the talent they needed to increase oilfield activity--from engineering to health and safety.

∙ In the Permian Basin and Delaware Basin, we helped companies grow their operational staff and build brand new facilities.

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