Q&A: Gregg Johnson on the Benefits of Water Management Technology and the Demand for Talent During COVID-19

About Gregg Johnson

Gregg Johnson, Energy Water Solutions


Gregg has over 30 years of experience within the oil & gas and industrial industry. In 2017, he joined Energy Water Solutions as CEO, leading a team of world-class professionals specializing in solving on-pad water management issues facing oil producers.


Q: Thank you for your time today Gregg. Can you tell us more about EWS? What solutions does your product provide to your customer? I heard you guys got some breakthrough results.

A: This industry is facing unprecedented pressure to reduce costs while maintaining profitability in a market challenged by low commodity prices. Executives are looking for ways to cut LOE and capital expenses quickly without affecting production, if possible. For those who have reduced their drilling program, water disposal volumes and costs will continue to increase with the loss of fracking. Our evaporative water technology can provide them additional options to do that. We offer them decreased disposal costs with limited capital investment.


Q: Pennsylvania is known for its strict regulations around emission standards, yet you guys proactively sought approval by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) to bring this new technology to the market. Tell us more about this process and the uniqueness of your product.

A: We understand that, for our customers, there is a need for speed in any solution that can provide capital expense relief at the pad. We knew that getting the PADEP approval would help our customers implement our VOX technology faster. Now, more than ever, market conditions are proving that to be true. This approval by the PADEP is exciting for those in the Marcellus region and throughout the oil patch as they look for unique and new ways to save money within the field without impacting production or other operating expenses.


Q: The formal acceptance from the PADEP is indication that your VOX technology meets their health and safety standards. Tell us how your product is ESG friendly directly and indirectly? 

A: First, we reduce the number of trucks on the road, which is a win-win for our customers and the communities they operate within. The EWS technology reduces the volume of water that must be disposed thereby reducing the volume of water that must be moved from the well to the disposal site. Evaporation also returns water to the hydrocycle.


Q: No company has been immune from the impacts of COVID-19. What actions have you taken to keep your employees and clients safe during this pandemic?

A: It all starts with keeping your employees safe, and safety is the cornerstone of our strategy. We are committed to following the national and local guidelines, practicing social distancing, maintaining a hygienic workspace, and are flexible with our work arrangements. We align our actions and policies with those of our customers.


Q: As demand for your product continues to increase, how do you plan on growing your team?

A: We are in a period of growth. We are looking for folks who are agile, eager to be part of a successful business which is growing, can leverage (or develop) their technical knowledge, and who have a strong understanding of the needs and demands of the oil and gas industry. We have found that some of our best talent have diverse experiences and although may be considered young for the industry, provide a unique perspective that allows us to come to our customers with a different and fresh perspective.


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