Largest Texas Solar Projects in Development

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Although COVID-19 has slowed construction on renewable energy projects, the industry is expected to bounce back as the fastest growing source of U.S. electricity generation. More than 600,000 clean energy jobs have been lost as a result of the pandemic, with approximately 65,000 of those in the solar energy industry. Although many solar construction projects throughout the country have been paused, there are a number of projects in Texas currently in development.

Fighting Jays Solar

Fighting Jays Solar is a 440 MWdc solar PV project in Fort Bend County, Texas--in close proximity to the Houston metropolitan area. The project is expected to break ground in the second half of 2020 and be operational by the summer of 2022. The solar facility is being developed through AP Solar Holdings.

Taygete Energy Project

Located in Pecos County, Texas, the Taygete Energy Project located in Pecos County will be the largest solar project to be built in the state of Texas at 602 MWp and covering nearly 2,000 acres. 7X Energy, the originating and sole developer, is currently managing construction and owns 100% of the equity in the project. It's expected to be operational in the first half of 2021.


Sitting on nearly 2,000 acres, construction of the 255 MWac Greasewood solar project is currently underway. Mortenson Construction is scheduled to complete the project by the end of the year.

Maplewood and Maplewood 2

Located in West Texas near the towns of Fort Stockton and McCamey, the Maplewood and Maplewood 2 solar projects will be built on roughly 2,200 acres. Maplewood will deliver 222 MWac/310 MWp of electricity to Anheuser-Busch under a 15-year power purchase agreement, while Maplewood 2 will deliver 28 MWac/40 MWp to Energy Transfer under a 15-year agreement. When constructed, the projects together are expected to create 400-500 construction jobs at peak activity. Estimated to be operational by 2021, the facilities together will generate enough solar power to meet the energy needs of approximately 62,000 homes.

Old Jackson Solar

The Old Jackson Solar project sits on approximately 760 acres in Van Zandt County, approximately one hour east of Dallas, Texas. Due to be completed this year, the 127 MW project "will bring an immediate and long-term economic boost...while providing affordable, clean, and renewable electricity."

Although we've only highlighted five projects, there are many big solar energy projects taking place not just in Texas but throughout the United States. As the renewable energy industry rebounds from the impacts of COVID-19, the number of utility-scale solar projects will continue to increase.

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