The Top In-Demand Jobs in Energy Today

Engineer performing maintenance on a wind turbine

Last month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security released a list of the industries and workers that are deemed essential in fighting the pandemic. This list includes the renewable energy generation and utility sectors. As unemployment claims in the U.S. continue to rise, the above sectors are actually creating opportunities, as professionals working within energy have been designated as essential critical infrastructure workforce. These are the individuals that have a direct impact on ensuring our hospitals’ lights are on, that ventilators are operational, and that millions of Americans can work from home while sheltering-in-place. Here are four of the most in-demand positions within the power industry today:


1. Engineering

While the energy industry is tackling current challenges, it’s also preparing for our future. In what are largely remote work positions, engineers are needed to design structural, electrical, and mechanical blueprints. These drawings provide detailed descriptions for everything from electrical layouts to physical design. Many companies are expected to eventually resume paused developments, so engineers are being hired now to begin planning.


2. Construction

While some projects considered “non-life-sustaining” have been placed on hold, there are many across the country that have been deemed “critical infrastructure” and are continuing uninterrupted. This is especially common in more remote regions of the country, where populations aren’t as dense. Construction projects by nature allow workers to keep safe distances from one another, but companies are still taking extra precaution by ensuring employees are wearing appropriate PPE and are practicing the right safety measures.


3. Operations & Maintenance

As of 2019, wind turbines were the source of approximately 7.3% of total U.S. utility-scale electricity generation. However, wind turbines cannot entirely operate on their own. They need routine maintenance. The renewable energy industry sees much potential in the future of wind power and are actively seeking professionals with mechanical experience to ensure wind farms stay online and are functioning.


4. Cybersecurity & Network Support 

Any fluctuations in the nation’s energy supply could put lives at risk, which is why cybersecurity and network support are so vital during this time. Threats to our infrastructure are rapidly evolving, and companies are seeking skilled professionals to help keep security risks at bay. 

With the majority of the global population on lock-down, nearly every company is working 100% remotely, and this is placing additional strains on networks and support functions as companies adapt to these new challenges. 


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