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5 Tips to Create an Eye-Catching LinkedIn Profile

15 Apr 2021

Whether you work in renewables, utilities, oil & gas, or manufacturing, getting your LinkedIn profile right is crucial to finding your next job! Read how you can create a LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed.


Q&A with Samuel Oliver on the Water Midstream Industry

14 Nov 2019

The Current State of the Water Midstream Industry

07 Nov 2019

Progressive Recruitment interviews Stephen McNair, EVP Chief Development Officer of H2O Midstream and President of UL Water Midstream, on the current state of the water midstream industry.

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The Current Challenges and Future Potential of the Water Midstream Industry

29 Oct 2019

Progressive interviews Michael Neese, VP with WaterBridge, about the current state of the water midstream industry, including salt water disposal challenges that the oil and gas industry is facing.

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Do you have imposter syndrome at work? 5 tips on how to overcome them

04 Sep 2019

Have you ever attributed success in your job to just sheer luck rather than acknowledging it as the result of all your hard work and efforts? Many high achievers – in fact 40% of high achievers deal with the thought of being a fraud in the workplace, according to Dr Valerie Young.

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How to retain an employee?

19 Aug 2019

A study conducted by Employee Benefits News stated that the average cost of losing an employee amounts to 33% of their annual salary. This means that as an employer, you don’t only lose talent or time – but also valuable funding that you could have allocated to other investment projects or resources.

Why Change Managers are increasingly important?

14 Aug 2019

Over the past three years, the demand for Change Managers across Australia has been steadily on the rise. In today’s technology-led world, being able to adapt to constant change is what makes any business sustainable in the long-term.

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Progressive Recruitment: on target with its 2019 CSR commitments

14 Aug 2019

Over the past year, we have made our employees’ wellbeing a priority and made the decision to give back to the community.