Permanent positions

The top 10% professionals in the Netherlands

Many companies - both large and small - face challenges in securing candidates for permanent positions. As a leading staffing consultancy, we take this process off your hands through recruitment and selection. We take care of the entire – or parts of the – process and focus on quality, efficiency, and integrity throughout. The right match is both your and our success.

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Permanent positions

Looking for a permanent employee? As a staffing consultancy, Progressive specializes in finding the perfect candidate.

Definite or indefinite time

Aligned with company culture and goals

Proven recruitment and selection process

Executive Search

Need new leadership? Progressive provides access to the very best leaders.

Trained senior consultants only

 Aligned with your culture and goals

 Competence-based screening


Secondment to employment

Permanent or interim? Progressive offers the intermediate solution through secondment with future employment.

Flexible workforce

Permanent employment after the secondment

Working conditions agreed in advance

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Progressive is an expert in the field of Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Tailor-made recruitment strategy

We (partially) take over the procedure

Onboarding process after placement


Take control of your projects

Not just a recruitment agency

It can be hard to find specific knowledge for your projects. Progressive helps with that. We are not just a recruitment agency: we can take over the entire process for you, from advice to staffing. We provide industry experts so you can fully focus on your core activities. We are Progressive.

Our consultancy department consists of experts with a technical background. They advise based on experience and think along about the most complex issues within your organization. Our advice is thorough and our budgets consist of clear and pre-agreed deliverables. This way, you will not face any surprises.

Advice and tailor-made solutions based on problem definition

In-house senior consultants with 10+ years of experience

Guaranteed expertise and quality

Do you want to know more? Our consultants are ready to serve you!

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How Progressive Works

Speak to one of our sector experts

One of our specialised consultants will team up with you to map out your needs, goals, and the company's culture.

Hand-picked candidates

Within a few days we will introduce you to the right professionals for your project.

Always the right match

Our consultant maintains regular contact throughout the project to ensure that the collaboration runs smoothly.

Recruiting in-house or through outsourcing?

Why would you hire a recruitment and selection agency if you could also recruit candidates yourself? This question arises from the so-called “make or buy decision.” It comes down to inventing the wheel yourself or leaving it to specialists.

By outsourcing to Progressive, you only have to choose from pre-selected and qualified candidates. We take care of the entire – or parts of the – process and focus on quality, efficiency, and integrity throughout.

How does Progressive ensure that I meet the right candidates?

Qualification and screening are always part of the interview rounds. Our consultants test for communication, personality, expertise, and professionalism. Only one-tenth of the applicants pass the screening process, which means we only match the top 10% of the candidates.

How does Progressive differ from recruitment agencies?

Many companies face challenges in securing reliable specialists for projects or permanent positions.

At Progressive, we use an extensive screening process to find the world's best specialists. In almost all cases, we introduce you to candidates within 42 hours. On top of that, 90% of our clients hire the first candidate we introduce.

Our experts are each specialised in a specific field per sector and will, together with you, diligently handpick the right match from our network.