To keep society's engine running, we recruit technical specialists who contribute to the production and safety of the largest refineries and chemical plants. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of all phases of the market and offer employment solutions within various market niches. Our global reach, combined with a localised approach and deep understanding of niche markets, enables us to provide effective employment solutions.

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Chemical Plants

We recruit specialists who are involved in converting chemicals into end products.

Our consultants specialised in chemical plants are ready to find the right vacancy or specialist.

Tank Terminals

We offer appropriate services for companies and specialists involved in the storage and transhipment of (petro-) chemical products.


We recruit experts who are specialised in installations that separate raw materials (oil) and process these materials into usable products.

Progressive's specialised refinery consultants are ready to find the right vacancy or specialist.


Progressive also recruits specialists for companies supplying the above branches, from contractors to turbine manufacturers.

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Progressive's consultants bring together professionals and companies. We focus on your ambitions and specialisms, so you end up with an employer and a job that really suits you.

Perhaps you are hesitant about which direction you should take to elevate your career. Regardless of your experience, however, we offer advice to help you make the best decision. This could be about market opportunities but also about personal development.

You are unique, and so is your career.