Power & Renewables

The energy transition is in full swing. To keep up the pace, we bring together technical specialists and companies who work to transform energy generation, storage, and distribution.

Our global network, combined with a localised approach and deep understanding of niche markets, enables us to provide effective employment solutions in the niches below.

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High-voltage grid

The Dutch high-voltage grid is the backbone of the electricity system, connecting electricity producers with consumers and linking and integrating electricity markets. Our specialised high-voltage grid consultants are experienced in finding the right talent in this niche.

Solar power

The Dutch solar sector is booming. The Dutch industry is a technology leader and a global supplier of high-tech equipment. Progressive's solar consultants are ready to help you find the right talent.

Wind power

In the Netherlands, wind power is an essential source of renewable energy. The Netherlands depends on it to achieve its goal of increasing renewable energy production. Our consultants specialised in wind power have built up an extensive network of professionals within this niche.

Power plants

Wind, water, and sun are well-known sources of green electricity, but more than 50 percent of green electricity in the Netherlands comes from another source: biomass. Of all renewable energy sources, biomass accounts for half of the green electricity, 80 percent of the green heat, and 100 percent of the green car fuel. Our specialised consultants are experienced in finding the right talent in this niche.

Nuclear power

The nuclear energy sector has a high demand for skilled professionals worldwide. Progressive works with key organisations to provide this niche with the required staff.

Your unique career in Power & Renewables

Progressive's consultants bring together professionals and companies. These include both SME companies and multinationals, such as Shell, Heineken, Nuon, Philips, and MSD. We focus on your ambitions and specialisms, so you end up with an employer and a job that really suits you.

Perhaps you are hesitant about which direction you should take to elevate your career. Regardless of your experience, however, we offer advice to help you make the best decision. This could be about market opportunities but also about personal development.

You are unique, and so is your career.