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What is secondment?

At Progressive, secondment provides flexible certainty in your career. 

Suppose, for example, that you do not want to take the step to self-employment (yet), but you are curious about the possibilities the market can offer you. In this case, Progressive can employ you, and we will deploy you on a project basis to another employer.

Career coaching

Through our career coaching, we discover together what suits you best. Once we have found this, your specialist consultant will help you through the entire application and onboarding process.​

Before your assignment ends, your coach will help you find the next assignment.

Employment practices

We take over the employment practices from the employer during the assignment. We then take responsibility for training, coaching, transport, time administration, and equal (or better) employment conditions. Since 'progression' is central to us, we take this very seriously.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Secondment. What exactly is it?

Secondment means that Progressive employs you as an interim professional but that you are working for various clients on a project basis. In this way, you discover your strengths, build up an extensive network in a short time, and you come into contact with different company cultures. Because you are an employee of Progressive, we also invest in your personal development.

Does secondment suit me?

Are you ready for a new adventure in your career? Would you like freedom and variety in your work? In that case, the answer is: yes, this is for you.

Is secondment different from an employment agency?

Secondment and temporary employment are often confused. They look similar, but there are differences.

At an employment agency, you work with a temporary contract. When the project ends, you need to find a new job.

When Progressive seconds you, your contract continues whenever a project ends. Progressive will continue to pay you, and will look for your next challenge. In addition, you have your own career coach who guides you and invests in your personal development.