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You are ready for the next step in your career and you want it to be the right one. As your career develops, it becomes increasingly important to find a recruitment consultant who has a strong network within your sector.

To date, our 130 Dutch consultants have connected almost 8,000 professionals with a wide range of companies. These include both SMEs and multinationals, such as Shell, Heineken, Nuon, Philips, and MSD. We focus on your ambitions and specialisms so that you end up with a client and position that suit you well.

Carefree working

We want to make things as easy as possible for you as a freelancer. Therefore we arrange, for example, the necessary contracts and administration, also with the client. You invoice Progressive and are paid periodically without having to wait for payment from the client.

Progressive is part of a publicly traded company. That is why we consider compliance extra important. And, of course, you too.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to contact a recruiter at Progressive?

Progressive's staffing consultants are each specialised in a specific field per sector.

Would you like to get in touch with a consultant that knows everything about the discipline and sector in which you are looking for an assignment? Please fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page. Select a sector and indicate the desired job title. This way, we can connect you to the right consultant.

How do I know whether you have received my application?

Have you applied for a specific vacancy? Or have you sent an open application via the contact form at the bottom of the website? In both cases, you will automatically receive a message from us. We will then look for the right consultant to connect you with. This consultant will contact you personally if your profile matches a (future) assignment.

Do you offer help with interviews?

Yes! Progressive's staffing consultants not only help you find the right assignment, but are also your personal coach. Together you examine what you can do, what you want to achieve, what the possibilities are, and how you can best approach this. Part of this is, for example, assistance with job interviews.