4 benefits of digital innovation in the Life Science industry

The Life Science industry is undergoing rapid digital innovation, with a substantial shift towards cloud technology and increased attention to modernising IT infrastructures. Data management, AI, data strategy, and analytics are also becoming increasingly important in life science, creating opportunities for professionals with strong skills in these areas.


However, the greatest advances are being driven by the deployment of AI and process automation. In this article, we will explore the four most significant benefits of automation.

1. Automation ensures safer medicine 

Automation and AI are not new in the Life Science industry, but the extent to which they are being put to use is growing rapidly. From research and development to clinical trials, automation makes every field within life science more efficient. Moreover, it makes for safer medicines. Automating key analyses and processes largely ensures better results.


By using specific markers, intelligent software can continuously monitor drug safety. AI can also take over approval processes in studies, collect and process data in clinical trials and even support pharmaceutical companies by checking package leaflets for the accuracy or legal concerns.


2. AI makes work more productive and efficient for professionals


As is the case in other industries, AI and similar automation solutions can dramatically increase productivity. For instance, it can speed up medicine development, as well as the implementation of new technology products. All this while staff costs and time can be saved. This allows companies to invest more in research.


These processes speed up the development cycle, benefiting specialists, companies, and the general public. A lower error rate in automated software or hardware work also reduces risk. After all, AI makes fewer mistakes than human actions.


3. Smart track & trace to ensure product safety

Automation is also used to optimise processes and make them smarter. For example, serialisation is used to track products better. Serialisation is a combination of labelling, identification and tracking. This makes it possible to use smart track & trace methods to combat the sale of counterfeit medicines. It also makes it easier to detect and prevent claim fraud by pharmacists and health insurers.


4. Sharing data is more accessible and safer than ever

We live in a world of data, and data sharing is crucial for life science companies.

Pharmacists and partners are sharing more and more data, and modern technologies are facilitating this. There are more and more smart software solutions that make this possible. Examples of life science organisations that have joined forces to promote data sharing can already be found. They do this using applications specifically designed to improve collaboration between partners, patients and healthcare providers.


These are just some of the benefits digital innovation brings about in the Life Science industry. We will undoubtedly witness many more exciting innovations in the coming years!


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