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Why do clients and candidates choose to work with Progressive Recruitment?

Below is a snapshot of our strengths which supports our clients' hiring needs and candidates' career progression. 


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Our approach

Experts in the energy & engineering recruitment industry

With specialist consultants that focus on the energy & engineering industry in Japan, we are able to tailor our services to each specific requirement and internal processes. We excel in finding scarce skills within the Energy industry and our enhanced value experience is based on our superior candidate quality enabled by our candidate communities, an exceptional level of customer experience, market understanding, compliance capability and leading-edge systems. 

Efficient approach to source and network with some of the best talent in the market

Apart from leveraging on our database which consists of over one million candidates globally that is updated in real-time, we take a variety of approach in candidate acquisition including referrals, multiple social channels, and committing ourselves to support and build the local community of professionals. 

Proven track record of placing top talent

We’ve executed for and became long-term advisors to many of the most prominent  start-ups as well as large organisations in Japan who have engaged us on complex and difficult-to-fill roles. This includes bilingual native talent, returning Japanese and sourcing for talent amidst the passive employment culture in Japan. Progressive Recruitment enjoys a stellar reputation for operating with discretion, integrity and professionalism. 

Deep understanding of the industry

As part of the larger SThree group, we have access to develop deep insights of the industry and markets we work in through global experience, strong market knowledge as well as local expertise. To further value-add, we organise meet-ups and networking sessions to connect like-minded professionals, conduct surveys and whitepaper reports and attend industry related conferences as well as speak at various talks that share about the industry and its recruitment landscape.  

Our highly specialised and experienced consultants

Our team consists of specialist consultants who have worked in Japan’s energy
and engineering sector. What sets us apart is our specialism within each niche sector in the Energy industry. With a multinational and diverse recruitment team, Progressive Recruitment provides both global and on-the-ground knowledge and experience. 

Happy and returning customers

More than 85% of our customers are repeat customers who experienced a high level of satisfaction. At Progressive Recruitment, we use Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to find out how our customers feel about working with us, so that we could use this feedback to further improve our processes and performance.

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