Building, designing or creating, we understand the importance of skilled professionals. Our trained consultants are driven by bringing manufacturing teams together to build the future. We work with manufacturing companies across the UK, giving us access to in-demand manufacturing jobs.

We take the time to identify the type of candidate you need to grow your team, or what you are looking for from your next role. Whether you’re looking for contract or permanent opportunities, you’ll find them here at Progressive Recruitment.


The manufacturing industry is ever-evolving as new technologies are developed and introduced. With the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, manufacturers are changing the way they produce goods through flexible production lines and automation. This creates unique challenges and opportunities for both companies and professionals.

In this new tech landscape, it has become imperative that the current workforce continuously adapts new skill sets and embraces the evolution of the industry.

Progressive Recruitment is able to deliver win-win solutions for companies and talent by ensuring we are creating ideal matches. We achieve this by taking the time to find out exactly what your goals and needs are.

Manufacturing Jobs

Typical roles we recruit:

  • Project Management
  • Construction and Site Management
  • Design
  • Electrical, Controls and Instrumentation
  • Mechanical
  • Quality
  • Health and Safety
  • Commercial and Quantity Surveying
  • Planning and PMO
  • Commissioning
  • Process Engineering
  • Manufacturing / Production Engineer
  • Multi-skilled Maintenance
  • Test Engineer

Areas we recruit in

Car assembly line with robotic arms working on the car Automotive
robotic pneumatic piston sucker unit on industrial machine,automation compressed air factory production Life Sciences (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices)
Wind farm in the North sea on the coast of United Kingdom. Power and Renewables
specialist in plant controlling technological process Chemical and Process
Two factory workers discussing while monitoring drinks production line at factory Food and Beverage
View of oil refinery from across the water at dusk Oil and Gas
Electrical Design Engineer
Salary: £45000 - £50000 per annum + + benefits
Location: Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom
Job Type: Permanent
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Project Engineer - Controls
Salary: £47000 - £59000 per annum + + benefits
Location: Southampton, England, United Kingdom
Job Type: Permanent
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Associate Mechanical Engineer - Data Centers
Salary: £90000 - £100000 per annum +
Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Job Type: Permanent
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Principal Mechanical Engineer - Data Center Industry
Salary: £80000 - £90000 per annum +
Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Job Type: Permanent
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