Senior Technical Architect

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Salary: full package
Sectors: IT
Job Type: Permanent
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Senior Technical Architect

Perform the necessary guidance, facilitation, analysis and design tasks related to the architecture of our services, in line with global strategy.

Senior Technical Architect - Role Overview

You will:

  • Collect and analyze needs of internal and business services and design adapted technical architecture.
  • Provide strong assertive guidance to the business to ensure proper alignment with technical strategy and standards.
  • Understand and advocate the IT strategies. Analyze business context (trends and business strategy) to derive technical architecture.
  • Propose the best solution matching the business requirements and the technical/internal constraints and defend/negotiate it in front of all stakeholders.
  • Analyze technical architecture proposals and existing environments to detect deficiencies, recommend solutions for improvement, present and promote proposals to the relevant instances for resource request validation (could be HR resources or technical assets).
  • Document necessary technical architecture design. Provide proper costs of technical proposals.
  • Contribute to the principles that guide technology decisions for the enterprise. Provide feedback to the relevant "Service Owners" and "Service Governance Managers" to ensure our internal offers evolve consistently with expectations.
  • Provide feedback to the different "Technology Leaders", to ensure our infrastructure building blocks cover business needs.

Senior Technical Architect - Skills & competencies:

  • Architecture and Service Design Knowledge of network architecture and technical infrastructure.
  • Ability to collaborate with multidisciplinary and multicultural colleagues and teams Good writing and summarizing skills, including for non-technical audience Widespread technical understanding Analytical and technical skills.

  • Written and verbal communication skills.

  • Ability to understand business processes, especially payment-related. Knowledge of financial models and budgeting, including ability to estimate financial impact of technical architectures.

  • Understanding of the political climate of the enterprise, and how to navigate the political waters.

  • Ability to understand and balance long-term (strategy, "big picture") and short-term perspectives of situations.

  • Ability to detect opportunities to reuse existing services and technical solutions in different business problems.

  • Ability to quickly understand the functions and capabilities of new services and technologies. Exceptional interpersonal skills in areas such as negotiation, facilitation and teamwork. At ease with multiple tracks management Business English fluency

Senior Technical Architect - Qualification

Graduate degree or comparable in computer science, systems analysis or a related study, or equivalent experience.

7 to 10 years of experience in IT, including technical architecture, network design, application development, middleware, servers and storage, database management, and operations.

Exposure to multiple, diverse technical configurations, technologies and processing environments.

Exposure to international environments

Location: Various (Europe) Regular travels in Europe

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Keywords: IT, ICT, Architect, Technical, VMware, Linux, Java, Microsoft

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