Project Services and Solutions

What is Project Services and Solutions?

Progressive Recruitment, in collaboration with our parent company SThree takes project delivery and project, programme and portfolio resourcing to the next level through Project Services and Solutions (PS&S). We are an experienced delivery partner with a flexible portfolio of solutions that empower you to maximise your budget and propel your digital transformation, business change and embedded software projects forward. 

Providing you with flexible options to deliver your projects effectively and cost-efficiently is key. Our agile service portfolio means you can work with us to handpick the perfect solution for your business requirements. We want to give you a choice that suits you, removing a number of overhead costs and taking away the stress of trying to find the right ­­talent quickly for these business-critical projects and roles. 

Our services are designed to be adaptable, to scale up or down as your needs evolve.


Our Services 

There is no one-size-fits-all all service and one of the main benefits of working with our Project Services and Solutions team is that we work with you to create the perfect solution for your requirements.  But as a guide to the scope of our capabilities:

Statement of Work (SOW)

Knowledge gaps in your project?

Unleash the power of our exceptional individual interim specialists, under a Statement of Work (SOW), who specialise in bridging critical knowledge gaps and delivering programme leadership or other senior interim skill sets you may need. Experience rapid and efficient access to top-quality resources, with crystal-clear roles and responsibilities, and regular progress visibility.

Resource Partnering

Do you need help augmenting your internal resources with managed teams?

Our internal project management office (PMO) embraces complete accountability for the meticulous planning, forming, and seamless onboarding and off-boarding of teams of high-quality interim specialists for a project. This allows you to focus on managing the project itself, whilst significantly reducing the time burden and cost overhead you incur when coordinating multiple external resources or teams. We provide PMO support for the team’s and individuals’ SOW, project status reporting, resource continuity and performance management, and you stay firmly in the driving seat, steering the project to success.

Project Partnering

Do you need external help with your technology projects?

We take on the responsibility for managing and delivering your compete project requirements from start to finish. Our internal project management office (PMO) take care of everything – from gathering the project requirements, to creating the SOW/project plan onboarding the project team and manging through to delivery. Our PMO will provide regular progress reports on project status, manage change control and resource continuity, oversee performance management, and facilitate knowledge transfer through to project closure and transition to BAU.


Do you need support facilitating project management?

We deploy virtual and/or physical project management services and resources to support customers to create the PMO capacity required to deliver their projects and programmes at pace. This service enables you to access a full suite of PMO services on a flexible or modular basis, either to provide additional capacity to your own PMO resources or to support specific projects. The service is agile, enabling customers to quickly scale up and scale back PMO capacity to plan for and efficiently meet demand.

Multi-Services MSA

Starting from scratch and unsure what resource and project management support you need?

We set up a single Master Services Agreement (MSA), typically extending over one to two years, that enables you to call on any of our expert interim resources and services over that period, as required. This service enables you to plan projects, resource schedules and budgets more effectively and to ensure that project delivery timelines are consistently met. The service enables fast and efficient procurement with built-in commercial incentives.


Flexible Service Portfolio

Whichever option or combination of services you choose, you will benefit from support from our in-house PMO team; our high-calibre global interim talent pool; our collaborative approach to service delivery; our transparency of work delivery; and our independent insights – we do not enter into alliances with specific technology vendors.

Why choose Project Services and Solutions?


Our services are cost-effective, allowing you to outsource internal overheads and reduce the total cost of delivering a project.


We don't enter alliances with specific vendors and will work with you to agree on the optimum technology solution for your project.


Our collaborative approach means that you benefit from knowledge transfer as a contractual requirement


Our range of flexible service options gives you access to the project delivery and expert resources you need, when you need them.


We respond rapidly to your requirements, with the ability to form project team solutions within 5-10 days of agreeing scope.


Our SOW contracts give you visibility over every aspect of the delivery and progress of a project.


You can choose to transfer responsibility and accountability for project management and delivery to us, giving you peace of mind.


Using our services will give you the capacity you need to deliver your technology projects successfully and on time.

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