STEM stories - shining the spotlight

STEM has always powered our world. People with these skills have always been the driving force behind innovation that allows our planet to move forward. As everyone across the globe comes together to face these challenging times, society has never been more aware of the incredible work and undeniable value that STEM offers us. 

But right now, the focus isn’t on acceleration and individual advancement. For a brief moment, everyone, all of these incredible people with valuable STEM skill sets, are focused on maintenance and protection. 

As we navigate our way through uncertain times, daily and hourly updates are being delivered as the situation unfolds. And within these reports we’re hearing many stories about the people of STEM. People who are working tirelessly, putting their skills to use to protect our planet. 

So, we wanted to shine a spotlight on these incredible people – and share some of the stories you may not have heard. Meet some of the heroes of STEM. 

AI advancements enabling smart data 

Across Asia, new and emerging technologies are being deployed to fight increased outbreaks. Innovation is finding its way to help in multiple facets in order to aid relief. 

AI and new technology will assist in a range of ways – from cleaning hospitals to intelligent advancements that allow movement of the virus to be tracked. With smart technology like this, tracking will allow information to be gathered that can help prevent the spread and gather data to come up with a solution. 

Advanced technology speeding up tests 

Many specialists are putting their skillsets to use to rapidly produce advanced solutions that will help to enable speedier testing and diagnosis – and we’re seeing results happening in various locations. The Samba II machine, which was created by a University of Cambridge spinout company, is just one innovative solution that’s already having an impact. 

A hospital in the UK recently implemented these machines and are now able to offer potential diagnosis in 90 minutes as opposed to 24 hours – a real game changer for those on the frontline. 

Experts across the globe are aiming to speed up the testing process to enable more effective levels of prioritisation within hospitals. 

Automotive industry creating ventilators 

One of the biggest challenges society is facing is a demand for ventilators – as a result, we could be starting to see organisations across numerous industries pitching in and putting their specialist skills to use in the production of these sought-after devices. 

In fact, many car manufacturers across the globe are currently looking at how they can utilize their resource to support the global medical devices industry in this challenge. Gianluca Preziosa, head of the Italian ventilator and resuscitation manufacturer, Siare Engineering, has been speaking with Fiat Chryslar, Ferrari, and Mareli to discuss options for collaboration that could see STEM talent from different fields coming together to combat this issue. 

Standing for STEM 

The world of STEM is standing united. All over our planet, we’re seeing incredible people coming together, combining their valuable and specialist skills, and working as one. We’ve always been proud to work alongside the people, businesses, and communities who use their skills to make a difference – but never more so than right now.  

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