SThree APAC rolled out its enhanced contract recruitment program: Contract Blueprint

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Last week, we welcomed Lawrence Doe, our European Contract Director and Founder of the Contract Blueprint Program for the official launch of the program in Sydney. The Contract Blueprint Program is a key engagement initiative that we have launched globally with the objective of creating a framework that enhances our offerings to both candidates and clients long term. On this occasion, we welcomed our Melbourne team in our Sydney office as well as guests Tahmid Bin Zafar, Principal Consultant at Real StaffingScott Harrison, Director at Progressive Recruitment and Aleksandar Pavlovic, Associate Director at Huxley from our Singapore and Tokyo office respectively.

What does the Contract Blueprint Program entail?

The program has been designed to provide our consultants with a clear understanding of our contract business and help them build a successful career in contract recruitment. Over the course of launch week, Lawrence hosted 9 interactive sessions with our consultants and introduced them to each module within the Contract Blueprint program, including their purpose and the positive impact their learnings of the modules can have on the business.

All 9 modules including contract monitoring, job specification and references can be utilised by any consultant across any market that SThree operates in and will go towards increasing extension rates, job fill rates and ensure a better quality of business. Our Contract Monitoring module specifically trains our consultants to deliver excellent client and candidate care by educating them on the best ways to engage with candidates whilst building long term relationships with industry stakeholders.

Jason Anayiotos, Sales Operations Business Partner from the SThree UK business shared that the program is “a blueprint for success in a contract market.”

He added, “Every element is achievable to experienced or new sales consultants and if utilised correctly, will yield success no matter what market you operate in. By following the program and identifying the modules that work for your market, you will set yourself up for success – both financially and professionally”.

How did the idea of the Contract Blueprint Program come about?

The idea of the Contract Blueprint Program came about in the UK in 2013 and was founded on the mutual understanding that the candidate is as important as the client. We identified the need to change our working practices whilst adapting better to changes in market conditions and ensuring that candidates were on a level playing field with our clients. More than 60 SThree employees ranging from trainee consultant to senior director level, participated in designing the 9 modules.

By mid-2016, the program was successfully rolled out across 6 countries. Following the success of the program in Europe, David Rees, Chief Sales Officer at SThree, supported the roll out of the Contract Blueprint Program to all SThree offices globally with Australia as the first country to launch within the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

How successful has our Contract Blueprint Program been?

Our Contract Blueprint Program has had a positive impact on the business in other regions such as Benelux, France, Spain, the UK, the US and the Middle-East. Since the launch of the Contract Blueprint Program, regions have witnessed an increase in the following areas and we look forward to the successes that the program will bring to our business across the APAC region as well:

  • Engagement with candidates in networks
  • Engagement with placed candidates
  • Quality of roles going to market
  • Job fill ratios
  • Contract extensions
  • Year-on-Year Contract Growth

Interested to find out more about a company that constantly develops itself to assist their employees?

At SThree, we pride ourselves in our extensive in-house training program and the supportive environment that we provide to our staff at all business levels. This year, we have been recognised by the industry for our effective training program and constant development for our employees. We were delighted and humbled to win the Training and Development Initiative of the Year Award at the 2018 Recruitment International Awards.

Progressive Recruitment is part of the larger SThree Group. If you are interested in learning more about our Contract Blueprint Program or other internal initiatives, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9285 1000 for a confidential discussion. You can also learn more about what we do at SThree by visiting our LinkedIn page or watching this video to find out why our people love what they do.

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