It's no secret that the IT market throughout Australia is growing at a steady rate. It seems that there is a new tech platform, an updated software or an improved digital device at every corner. This, in turn creates a steady demand of roles for professionals in the IT space. Just think of the need for IT talent across Australia due to the massive growth of digital projects, implementations of cloud technology and cyber security projects to name a few.

From Sydney to Melbourne and across Australia, there have also been huge government investments, private sector investments and infrastructure development projects which are driving this growth. Whatever it is, all of these projects require a whole set of IT professionals to make the projects possible.

Progressive has had a serious hand in recruiting IT roles for these projects and beyond. And now we are stepping into a new chapter that focuses heavily on strengthening old and creating new relationships across Melbourne.

The Progressive Melbourne Expansion

While Progressive has been a leading part of the IT recruitment market in Melbourne for years - we didn't have a 100 per cent Melbourne focused team until February of 2016. As of September 2016, we took our next step in this expansion process by officially opening our remote office in the city. We are opening doors to form new connections, multiplying our reach, expanding our network and truly solidifying a presence in Melbourne itself.

While Progressive has always had the advantage of a strong professional reach via our global database and well-connected team members, this physical presence will help strengthen our relationships - both the existing ones and those yet to come. Currently, someone from the team goes down every few weeks to meet people there. Once our offices are fully established this local presence will make it much easier for us to meet clients and candidates at the drop of a hat, opposed to having to wait for the next trip down.

This move will also allow us to spend more time with our clients and candidates in general, allowing us to better understand what cultural fits make sense for them and overall enabling us to build long lasting relationships.

The client advantage

Our excitement extends beyond the potential to form new client relationships. We are hopeful about the ways in which this expansion will benefit our client base. While we currently run all of our accounts from the Sydney office, having a base in Melbourne will allow our recruiters to network more effectively in the area. These connections will only strengthen the professional reach we have - ultimately improving our ability to help our clients. We will be able to deliver our services in a much more immediate way, whether this means popping into a client office for a last-minute emergency, sitting alongside them as they create new job specs or conducting onsite interviews.

Overall, from a delivery point of view, you'll barely notice a difference. The great thing about Progressive, is that our processes are consistent across the board. We can find you the perfect candidate via these methods whether we are on the other side of the world or right up the road. It just means that when we deliver, you could be seeing a lot more of our actual faces throughout the process. This expansion is all about strengthening relationships and forming new ones. We're excited about the possibilities and we hope you are too.


To learn more about the new Melbourne offices or jobs in the IT market within Melbourne, contact Simon Costa at [email protected] or follow us on our LinkedIn page for more industry updates.