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Strengthen your teams and hire the best talents to carry out your projects.

Whatever your contract needs, our consultants will be able to search through our database of contractors to find the skills and experience you’re looking for. Even if you’ve got a short timeframe, our experience and network of contractor’s means we’ll be able to help – whether you’re looking for one person or a team of specialists. All you have to do is tell us the specific requirements of your project.

We’ll even take care of the admin too – we’ll look after the back office support for contractors, including online timesheets, payroll services, and legal and insurance support. So you’ll get the contractors you need, when you need them, without any hassle.

Tailor-made services

Project Staffing

Progressive offers a tailor-made solution in order to have the right resource in a very competitive timeframe. 

Dedicated project team

Specialist Consultants

Regular follow-up and feedback after placement

A clear cost estimate and management of the administrative aspect (online benefit sheets, payroll services, legal support and insurance)

Interim Management

Are you creating a new division or would you like the expertise of an interim manager while a future employee joins you? We will find the ideal resource for your needs by putting at your disposal our network of candidates specialised in their sector.

Network of pre-selected candidates

Specialist Consultants

Regular follow-up and feedback after placement


Progressive Recruitment puts its network of experts in the engineering, construction, IT and supply chain sector at your disposal.

By calling on us, you will have the advantage of a service specialised in your sector of activity and able to meet your various needs: 

Extra activity

 Audit (compliance, quality...)

 Process homogenisation


Each recruiter focuses on one market. We therefore speak the same language as our interlocutors and we are reactive by mastering our subject. This means that you will be working with a specialist who will be able to advise and inform you about your market. 

Strong Partnerships

We have developed strong partnerships with professionals in the Engineering, Construction, IT, Supply Chain and Energy sectors in Belgium and Luxembourg. Our aim is to create lasting relationships with our clients and candidates.  

Personal Approach

With a personal approach and our extensive and targeted knowledge, we are able to keep you up to date with market trends, quickly identify the best talents and offer you a service tailored to your needs. 

Get in touch

Whether you’re a professional looking for a job or a business seeking highly skilled STEM talent, the team at Progressive is here for you.

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