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Webinar replay - E-reputation: managing digital identity in a professional context

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As the world connects more than ever before, managing your online presence has become central to both your personal life and professional activities. On Wednesday 29th of April we had a 40-minute live session hosted by Denys Malengreau to learn how to properly set the foundations of your digital identity planning and management.

Different topics have been covered

Introduction to digital identity

  • Context: digital and the trust economy
  • Framing digital identity

Digital hygiene

  • Online settings
  • Data control

Professionnal branding

  • Digital footprint audit
  • Planning online presence
  • Managing digital identity

If you didn't had the opportunity to join this webinar we are giving you the opportunity to watch the replay: 

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About the trainer

Denys Malengreau is a consultant, lecturer and columnist. He advises and trains to digital identity planning and management with services intended to contribute to co-build a digital society that benefits all. As such, he also regularly debates and writes on the challenges posed by emerging technologies.

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