How Salesforce has changed the way we work

Since Salesforce burst onto the software scene some 21 years ago, it’s been changing the way companies around the world can provide customer service and improves other services such as marketing automation and application development. With recruitment essentially being a consistent process of matching the right candidate to the right role, Salesforce has been an invaluable tool in terms of speeding up this process and improving the efficiency and customer service provided by recruitment companies. Salesforce’s advantages are certainly not limited to the recruitment industry though, as its services are utilised across various industries from the public sector and healthcare to communications and retail. 

We can fill job vacancies faster than ever before
Using Salesforce to digitalise our process allows us to match millions of CVs against an open vacancy instantly. Therefore there are no unnecessary delays and both client and candidate can benefit from our services as speedily as possible. Prior to engaging with Salesforce, we had client, candidate and vacancies data spread across different platforms, making it difficult to find things easily and collate information together. As Salesforce can be downloaded as a mobile app, this means that our staff don’t have to wait until they’re back in the office to complete important tasks, but can do them on the go as and when they need to. As technology advances, organisations like ourselves need to keep up with this and this is where Salesforce comes into play. It’s a good example of innovation which has proved its value and is here to stay.

With equal measures of social, mobile, analytics and the cloud, Salesforce provides the optimum solution to supporting the recruitment lifecycle – from posting job ads to arranging interviews, and everything in between. Recruiters who use the platform become part of the innovation process, plus the fact that it is super simple and transparent to use makes it popular among staff as well as beneficial to improving processes. Recruiters can also give instant feedback and request new features that they may need within the platform. One of the main benefits which have been found is that recruiters have more free time due to not having to input various data into multiple systems. As mentioned above, due to all relevant data being stored in the same place, they save time when they need to follow up on something or access a piece of information quickly.

Improving the backend processes have resulted in a more efficient business overall
Salesforce is not just something our consultants use to help them place candidates in roles faster. Our marketing team also uses the platform to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) on the events we run. They can easily track and record leads using the software and it is a great way of letting us know what events work well and what don’t. They also plan to take full advantage of Salesforce in relation to marketing activities in the future, with Marketing Cloud on the agenda in terms of future plans for the business. Salesforce is a seamless platform that helps our placement support team immensely when it comes to such things as our contractor onboarding in terms of the fast-paced release of contracts. As it also allows one to capture a wide variety of data, it helps our business to collate not only reports but invaluable insights that help us determine our business goals and strategy for the future. Our managers also have instant access to this real-time data and reporting which really helps us from a management perspective.

Within Salesforce, we have even gone as far as to build our own search function, which is quite different from any of the standard Salesforce ones. In fact, our award-winning Apollo Search tool is one of the most innovative pieces of technology when it comes to searching for global candidates. This is something which we continue to invest in and which provides an exceptional range of tools to support our consultants and hence our clients and candidates. We are also committed to improving our customer journey via Salesforce, with incentives such as our NPS (Net Promoter Score) which feeds into Salesforce via our candidate and customer engagement surveys which help us streamline our processes significantly in real-time.


The above are just some ways in which Salesforce has helped our business and recruitment processes in general. As a Salesforce partner, we are consistently driving and embracing change by taking full advantage of the services at our disposal. Now the world’s #1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System, it seems that Salesforce is just going to go from strength to strength in 2020 and the years to come. At Progressive Recruitment, we’re certainly excited to see what the future holds!

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