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Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber Security are emerging sectors within IT in Australia. These sectors will only continue to grow vastly with greater demand for interconnectivity, speed and information as organisations continue to pump up their efforts to go digital. In addition, there is also a flourishing interest amongst IT experts and talent who are looking to break into this market. This is driven by the demand for highly-skilled professionals to take on short-term stints, as well as long-term projects during times of a pandemic, and post-pandemic.

Partnership with the Institute of Data

Understanding this outlook, Progressive Recruitment partnered with Institute of Data (IOD) in hopes to support, certify and transform the careers of aspiring professionals within this space. If you are a candidate looking to upskill yourself on the latest skills in-demand and stay relevant, below are some of the top courses that you can register to today.

IOD’s Upcoming Cyber Security Program (10 August 2020)

The Cyber Security Program is designed for both IT and non-IT professionals who are interested to transition their career into Cyber Security. The program includes practical training, industry certification and job placement support to help professionals secure a job in the cyber security industry.

The program is delivered over two formats:

  1. 24-week part time (2 night classes per week (6pm-9pm) + 1 Saturday class every fortnight (9am-5pm)
  2. 12-week full time (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)

This program is designed for career-driven professionals to transition into the cyber security industry. The program will include pre-work, intensive practical training, industry certification and a job outcomes program in collaboration with industry partners. If you are worried about not having background knowledge, the course content has been tailored to give you the skills that are demanded by businesses in today’s rapidly evolving job market.

Remote learning is also available for this program if you are keen on doing this within the comfort of your home. Their interactive remote format, enabled by video conferencing technology is a rich and connected experience featuring virtual break-out rooms, shared screens, digital whiteboards, peer to peer collaboration and instructor support.


Why is it important to learn from industry experts?

Learn from industry experts on how to defend cyber-attacks and develop business solutions for businesses and government organisations including consulting techniques and simulating commercial projects. This means you will be ready to work as a cyber security professional upon graduation.

Courses like this will also teach you how to practice cyber security in the real world. The curriculum is developed by the Institute of Data Academic Board with decades of experience working in cyber security. It also serves as a signal to employers that you are ready to join the industry. Your resume and profile will also be reviewed by your ‘Job Outcomes Manager’ in the program, to give you the best possible chance of success.

In addition, it is also crucial for you to tap into the tech community of mentors and direct connections within the industry. This will also give you the exposure to different opportunities that you might not be aware of if you were to depend solely on job search online.

You may check out their website for more information here, or book a consultation with them directly.

If you are also looking to apply for Scholarships Programmes, you can also read our article that covers the available opportunities here.


Interested to join in?

If you are a professional in this space who is looking to upskill and hone your knowledge in the sector, contact us in the form below and we will be in touch.


About the Institute of Data

The Institute of Data transforms careers and companies for a data-driven world.

Cyber security, big data and artificial intelligence are increasingly important to business and society with the rapid adoption of information technology.

They help professionals build a data career in this high-growth industry through our education programs and established industry network.


Modern businesses must also adapt in order to keep up and stay competitive. They help businesses evolve with innovative solutions and industry partnerships. If you are unsure about your career options or you have specific questions, book a career consultation with the Institute of Data.


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If you are a professional in this space who is looking to upskill and hone your knowledge in the sector, the team at Progressive is here for you.

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Progressive Recruitment has partnered with the Institute of Data (IOD) in hopes to support, certify and transform the careers of aspiring data science and cyber security professionals.