New partnership with Institute of Data to transform careers of aspiring data science and cyber security professionals

Data Science have been a proliferating scene in an emerging tech economy like Australia. The sector will continue to grow vastly with greater demand for interconnectivity, speed and information as organisations continue to pump up their efforts to go digital.

As a result of this, cyber security becomes ever-essential to protect, sustain and maintain the cyberspace. There is also a flourishing interest amongst IT experts and talent who are looking to break into this market.


Partnership with the Institute of Data

Understanding this outlook, Progressive Recruitment has partnered with the Institute of Data (IOD) in hopes to support, certify and transform the careers of aspiring data science and cyber security professionals.

As part of this partnership, Rachael Mayne, Senior Recruitment Consultant of Progressive Australia has already taken part in a series of workshops and events:

Writing the best CV

  • What recruiters within Cyber and Data look out for
  • What to include, and what not to include
  • Common mistakes
  • Length of CV – how long is too long?
  • Live Q&A session

Acing your Interview

  • How to put yourself in the best possible position before your interview
  • Tips for during the interview
  • After the interview – what next?
  • Additional hints and tips to make you stand out amongst other candidates
  • Live Q&A session

Apart from these, she was also involved in a Capstone project presentation as one of the guest panel judges and gave advice on the cyber security market during the session.

As an expert in the space of data science and cyber security recruitment, she was also featured in a recent article which highlighted the Type of Cyber Experts that are growing in demand in Australia which you can read here.


Why did we choose to work with IOD?

Progressive Recruitment is a brand that’s passionate about bringing skilled people together to build the future. Cyber security, big data and artificial intelligence are increasingly important to business and society with the rapid adoption of information technology. As such, we chose to work with IOD as they transform careers and companies for a data-driven world.

IOD help professionals build a data career in this high-growth industry through their education programs and established industry network. Modern businesses must also adapt in order to keep up and stay competitive. IOD help businesses evolve with innovative solutions and industry partnerships.


Scholarship Programs for professionals launched by IOD

These programs aim to help professionals manage a career transition into the growing Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security Industries amidst the uncertain economic condition due to COVID-19.

Below is a list of available scholarships. Register to receive the eligibility criteria, next steps and terms and conditions.

In a bid to help up-skill the nation’s workforce during the COVID-19 crisis, the Institute of Data and University of Technology Sydney (UTS) today announced a scholarship program to transition redundant and unemployed workers into the booming areas of Data Science and Cyber Security.

The Upskill Now! Scholarship Program provides scholarships of course fees for redundant and unemployed workers seeking to enter the Data Science and Cyber Security industry.

Mid-career workers over the age of 40, who have experienced an income reduction of more than 30% are eligible for scholarships of up to 50% of course fees. This group has been identified as being particularly at risk of redundancy if they do not upgrade their skills.

Those under the age of 40 with reduced income of more than 30%, are eligible to receive a 25% scholarship.

Recipients are entitled to three months full time or six months part time industry training in one of two practical skills training courses, either Data Science & Artificial Intelligence or Cyber Security. The courses cost $17,500 before the above discount is applied, and can be taken remotely from home whilst the nation is under lockdown and will revert to both on-campus and remote options when restrictions are lifted.

For eligibility criteria and more information, applicants can visit their website.

  • A.I.R. - Scholarship Program for the Travel and Tourism sector

AIR is designed to help those who have been made redundant or unemployed through this crisis to get a new job quickly, skipping the learning curve of how to negotiate interviews in a new field.

For people retraining from the Aviation industry with income reduced by more than 30% up to a 75% scholarship is available.

There are limited scholarships available and they will be awarded on a first in first served basis. To be eligible you must enrol into an eligible course after 19 May 2020, have experienced a recent redundancy or reduction of income of more than 30% from a qualifying travel & tourism role.

For eligibility criteria and more information, applicants can visit their website.


Interested to join in?

If you are a professional in this space who is looking to upskill and hone your knowledge in the sector, contact us in the form below and we will be in touch.

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If you are a professional in this space who is looking to upskill and hone your knowledge in the sector, the team at Progressive is here for you.


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