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As the world continues to navigate its way through uncertainty, there’s been global demand for numerous critical resources. We recently shone the spotlight on companies across the STEM workforce who are putting their everyday tasks to one side and using their tools in a different way: businesses who are re-focusing their skills to assist with critical projects outside of their everyday markets.  

Now, we wanted to share stories about some of the companies whose manufacturing efforts are helping to combat the current situation.   

 Manufacturing efforts to create ventilators 

The global shortage of ventilators has been well documented – these machines are obviously crucial when it comes to protecting the lives of people all over the world. In order to support health care functions on a larger scale, its vital that there are enough ventilators in place. So, what are some companies in Australia doing to help? 


BOSCH Australia has announced its Manufacturing Solutions division (BAMS) has been awarded a $1 million project to help build valuable invasive ventilators from its facility in Clayton, Victoria, to help the fight against the COVID-19 virus. 

The German industrial giant has partnered with local technology commercialisation firm Grey Innovation, who has led a consortium tasked with producing ventilators for the Australian government. 

Bosch’s involvement is part of a wider $31.3 million Federal government contract secured by Grey Innovation, which is spearheading the project and leaning on other companies such as BAMS to help pull the whole process together. 

Given the shortage in manpower, BAMS employees are working tirelessly into the weekends and taking on extra shifts to help the cause. Employees have signalled their desire to volunteer where needed to help push the project along. The power and passion of these incredible professionals perfectly showcases the power of our STEM workforce – these are the people who will help us during these challenging times, not just with their skills but their determined and resilient attitude. 


Medical device company ResMed has already delivered more than 3,000 ventilators to the Federal Government to help defeat the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. 

The company, which makes sleepapnea machines and ventilators at its Sydney factory, has ramped up production to meet an order for a total of 5,500 ventilators to add to the national stockpile. 

ResMed President and COO Rob Douglas said ResMed was proud to support the Australian Government in their efforts to combat the pandemic. So far 260 Astral invasive ventilators and 3,000 Lumis non-invasive ventilators have been produced and delivered. The new ResMed machines add to the 4,400 existing units in Australia. 



Join the cause! 

At Progressive, everything we do is rooted in the deepest admiration and gratitude for the unbelievable people we are lucky to call our partners. We are immensely inspired by all frontline workers who are dedicating their life to combat the evolving situation by working on developing drugs, vaccines, and other cures for COVID-19.   

Are you looking for a career that can make a difference in this pandemic, or is your organisation in need of engineers, and manufacturing experts? Get in touch with us today! 

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