Australia’s civil infrastructure boom set to continue into 2020

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With Australia’s ever-growing population, it makes sense that the infrastructure industry here is also expanding at a rapid pace. During 2019, the industry experienced significant growth, despite facing challenges such as cost pressure. Overall growth is expected to continue into 2020, with a number of reasons contributing to this positive outlook for the industry. Hannah Rickson, Recruitment Consultant at Progressive GE, took us through some key points to consider surrounding the ‘’boom’’ in infrastructure right now…


  • $600bn needed to accommodate infrastructure spending over the next 15 years

A true assessment of just how much infrastructure is set to grow in 2020 and beyond is in the amount of expenditure needed to support it successfully. According to The Guardian, $600bn is needed in spending on infrastructure over the next 15 years to keep up with the pace of demand. This will require a significant government investment, with there being a need for increased expenditure on maintenance, public transport rolling stock and electric vehicles. The Head of Infrastructure Australia, Romilly Madew, has stated that infrastructure resources particularly being stretched around the fringe areas of Australia’s four largest cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. This makes sense as these are the four key areas experiencing significant population growth within the region right now. A recent Infrastructure Australia report highlighted that in order to cope with the expected population growth to 31.4 million in the next 15 years, there needs to be an average spend of about $40bn per year. With this substantial amount set to be spent on the area, it is undeniable that infrastructure is booming as we move into 2020.


  • Not just a boom but a ‘’new normal’’ of elevated activity

A key finding of the hashtag #2019infraaudit is actually that the so called boom we’re discussing is not a boom but actually an extended period of elevated activity that is set to last for the next ten years plus. This audit, carried out by Infrastructure Australia, showcases that elevated expenditure on transport is set to continue, as well as revealing that skill constraints will have a short term impact on the roll out in time to come. This shows that there are plenty opportunities out there for skilled professionals to make an impact in the industry as there is a gap for their resources in the market. Infrastructure Australia are also set to explore possible reforms to support the changes which need to be implemented in the hashtag #2021infraplan. With this overall industry success in mind, and this period of ‘’elevated activity’’ set to continue, infrastructure professionals should feel very comfortable from a careers perspective entering the New Year.


  • Civil engineering is a really lucrative career choice right now

There has never been a better time to pursue a career in civil engineering, not just in Australia, but worldwide. As mentioned above, there will be a huge need for engineering professionals for short, medium and long term projects over the coming months and even years. With areas such as transport experiencing rapid growth across Australia at the moment, there are plenty of opportunities for those professionals wishing to get involved and build up their experience. Civil engineers are in demand all across Australia, both in the urban and regional areas alike. Most are employed however within the states of NSW, Queensland and Victoria, which are also popular residential locations and therefore make lucrative employment destinations


With all that is to come in terms of infrastructure growth in Australia over the coming months, it is little wonder that the term ‘’boom’’ is generating connotations with the industry. However, some critics are wondering if it could end badly, due to challenges presenting themselves for the government, sponsors and investors to accommodate this rapid rise. While it may be true that certain challenges may present themselves in regards to this, it still remains true that the infrastructure boom is set to be an exceptional time for the industry and a great asset to the economy overall. In order to accommodate these changes and this rapid period of growth, the infrastructure industry needs to remain flexible and open to new technologies, as conditions for operations continue to evolve. Although, the future may seem somewhat daunting in terms of rapid evolution, it is also definitely an exciting period of change. Let’s see what 2020 has to offer!


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