How innovative video platforms are changing the interview process

Let’s be honest, interviews make most of us feel uneasy; they’re nerve-wracking for candidates and time-consuming for managers. We recently spoke about how technology is changing the way people apply for jobs, and this extends to the entire recruitment process – particularly interviews. Interviews put people under pressure, and take a lot of time out of everyone’s diaries.

Now though, innovation’s changing the very essence of job interviews. New programs allow candidates to paint a clearer picture of themselves for hiring managers, without the lengthy interview process. At Progressive, we recently implemented Showcaser; a video platform which offers an easy method of communication for both candidates and clients.

So what is Showcaser?

Showcaser’s a video platform that allows users to record a series of video profiles. Companies are able to pose questions to candidates and view responses in their own time. Video conference interviews have become common for most organisations, but innovative platforms like Showcaser take things a step further.

What are the biggest benefits of Showcaser for you?

At Progressive, our consultants are using Showcaser to improve the quality of your recruitment service. We spoke to Michelle Parsons, Product Manager at Showcaser, to discover some of the biggest benefits of using this innovative platform.

  1. It’s more personal than a CV

How much can you really learn about someone from their CV? Sure, you can gain information on technical skills and qualifications, but it’s not exactly the best tool for analysing soft skills. We can all describe ourselves as an “outstanding communicator with an unquenchable thirst for success”, but can you trust the validity of statements? Michelle explains, “The idea of Showcaser isn’t to replace a CV, but to complement it. With a video profile, you’ll learn so much more about the person behind the skills.”

  1. It helps to narrow the field

Not everyone’s great with words, and a lot of great candidates struggle to sell themselves on paper. Deciding who to take through to an interview stage from a CV is often a very difficult task, but video profiles can help you narrow things down. Michelle explains, “Showcaser offers easily digestible information to help make more informed decisions. It won’t fully replace interviews but it can work alongside them to paint a better picture.” With platforms like Showcaser, you’re given a better idea of whether a candidate is the right fit for your organisation before you even get to the interview stage. At Progressive, we’re able to screen a larger volume of candidates within a shorter space of time. This means we’re able to produce more qualified shortlists that enable you to make better informed decisions.

  1. You get much more information

Life isn’t black and white, and there’s often a lot of grey areas when it comes to someone’s job experience. How many times have you looked at a CV and been left with additional questions? There’s only so much that candidates can include on a CV, leaving a lot of room for ambiguity. With Showcaser, our consultants are able to gain a deeper understanding of who’s right for your company. Some things are easier to explain verbally, and video profiles allow people to contextualise their experience clearly. Platforms like Showcaser allow candidates to expand on relevant points in their CV that you might have missed out on otherwise.

  1. It saves you time

If you’re a hiring manager who’s recruiting for a new position, you don’t need us to remind you how lengthy the process can be. Interviews can go on for hours, but platforms like Showcaser can save you valuable time. With Progressive, you’ll be provided with a playlist of candidates answering your questions, meaning you can simply click play and see what they have to offer at a time that suits you. It also allows numerous stakeholders to gain insight and have more of a say, without having to match up everyone’s diaries.  You don’t have to focus on introductions, pleasantries and questions; that can all wait until the next round of interviews.

  1. You’ll see the best version of your candidate

Interviews are stressful; we’ve all been there. A lot of the time we stumble, get confused and our minds go completely blank. With Showcaser, candidates are able to re-record their answers so they’re showcasing the best version of themselves. And this is an advantage for both candidates and clients; as a hiring manager, you want to see people at their best. Showcaser eases candidates into the interview process and allows them to make a tailor-made first impression. Hiring managers are also able to see the candidates in a different setting, in which nerves won’t impact performance. Michelle explains, “When a candidate doesn’t get to show off the fullest extent of their knowledge, the hiring manager can miss out on seeing the full potential of the candidate. With Showcaser, you can make a decision confident that you’ve seen all the candidate has to offer.”

  1. You’ll have access to a wider talent pool

This is an easy one; if you have a candidate who’s applying for a job from the other side of the world, the chances are they won’t want to be getting out of bed for a VC at 4am. And we’re willing to bet that’s not your idea of the perfect Tuesday either. Video profiling makes it easier for a more varied pool of candidates to go through the application process, as people with a diverse set of requirements can answer your questions at a time that suits them.

At Progressive, our consultants are here to oversee your entire recruitment process, finding a hiring solution that works for you. Using state-of-the-art, innovative recruitment platforms, we can speak to an increased amount of candidates in a way that allows us to gain more information than ever before. With so many different options available, get in touch with our team today, and let us outline a recruitment plan that works for you.



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