Since the pandemic, many tasks, events, and even jobs have been conducted “remotely” more than ever before. Hiring is no exception. In today’s world full of uncertainties, adopting to a new way of working and staying innovative are crucial for success in any business. 

Most professionals have been working remote and this includes those in software technology who are most suited to this arrangement. According to various studies, the ability to work remotely is also “a must-have” when considering a job offer within this space, and this has become a norm given the nature of the role.

However, many hiring managers and organisations still face certain challenges such as the ability to hire the right candidate especially now that interviews are conducted remotely, and how they could even attract the right talent to apply for the role.

As such, in this “Remote Hiring Guide”, we have put together key tips to help improve the perception of your brand, how you can establish a smooth hiring process remotely and eventually onboard the right candidate for your organisation.

It will cover the following components:

  1. How to attract some of the best talent online?
  2. How to conduct an interview remotely?
  3. How to know if a candidate is suitable for your company
  4. How to onboard remotely?

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