Downstream and Chemicals

Pipes in manufactury

We provide employers in the downstream sector with skilled engineers at every stage of the process.

We have built a great track record of placing candidates and staffing projects in this industry, which predominantly include crude oil refineries, gas processing plants, petrochemical plants and natural gas distribution companies.

Progressive Recruitment delivers recruitment solutions for refining, bulk-chemical and specialty chemical projects from its dedicated teams globally. Our sector specialists will provide you with the knowledge and insight needed to maximise your project’s success.

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Contract Engineer
Salary: UAE Dirhams20000 - UAE Dirhams25000 per month + Medical, Flight, Schooling
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Job Type: Contract
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Mechanical Design Engineer
Salary: competitive
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Job Type: Contract
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Pump Operator
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Job Type: Contract
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Operations Manager
Salary: UAE Dirhams28000 - UAE Dirhams32000 per month + Medical Ins, Flight
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Job Type: Contract
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At Progressive, as specialist Downstream and Chemicals recruiters, we’re often asked questions on Downstream and Chemicals careers.

To help, we pulled together some frequently asked questions. Whether you’re searching for the best Downstream and Chemicals jobs or you’re interested in our Downstream and Chemicals recruitment solutions, we’re here to help.



How do I find out about Downstream and Chemicals job vacancies near me?

Please visit our job search page, where you can filter our latest oil and gas jobs by location.

How long does the Downstream and Chemicals recruitment process take?

It depends on a project and job, but usually it'd takes our oil and gas recruiters around 2-4 weeks to fill our Downstream and Chemicals jobs.

What type of recruting solutions do you offer?

We cater to a number of different types of oil and gas careers – whether it’s contract or permanent, we can help. We also outsource numerous Downstream and Chemicals recruitment solutions and can support in issues like payroll and visa applications.

If you’d like to know more about our Downstream and Chemicals recruitment service, please fill out the form on the right. We will then provide you with more information.

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