5 ways to retain engineering contractors in a competitive market

Contractors are firmly in control thanks to the current upswing in the engineering and construction sectors of the economy. The industry "responded quite well during the pandemic and has come out strong in the recovery era," according to Deloitte. As a result, there is a huge need for contract talent. They usually get numerous job offers, which makes it challenging to retain competent employees. What can organizations do to secure the best talent? Let’s dive into some of the best strategies to retain engineering talent today so you can make sure your efforts are as up-to-date and competitive as possible.

1. Extend notice periods

It is crucial to be willing to prolong employees' notice periods in order to retain the best engineering contractors. Contract engineers are lost when clients do not extend notice terms. Therefore, what is the appropriate contract level to grant? Six- or nine-month contracts provide them with the security they need.

2. Take on local talent

Utilizing local talent has two advantages for businesses: it can be more affordable, and it increases the likelihood that the contractor will stay with the business because it is convenient.

3. Lean in on your culture

This isn't only vital for full-time employees; business culture is becoming highly significant for contract employees as well. Making them feel as active and connected as permanent employees may assist firms in retaining them.

4. Offer hybrid working where possible

Although this can't be said for all positions, clients who provide hybrid working often have better success retaining talent on board, especially for positions like planning engineers and design engineers who aren't always required to be on site. Employers must strike a balance between protecting their interests while also taking into account the needs of their contractors.

5. Partner with a specialized staffing firm

In addition to offloading the responsibility of hiring amid a skills shortage to someone else, staffing businesses provide companies with access to a large network of candidates. These businesses can use their experience to help companies locate ideal candidates that also align with a distinctive culture and vision and are willing to commit for the long term.

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