5 Tips for Staffing Large-Scale Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable energy is firmly on the agenda in the Middle East, with numerous large projects, particularly in solar power, leading the way. Traditionally a key source of fossil fuels, the region is diversifying its energy sector and investing in low-carbon sources to fulfill UN sustainability goals.


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Large-scale renewable energy projects are driving the growth of the solar and wind energy industries. As the size of these projects grows, these companies face a number of challenges. Progressive, as energy staffing professionals, can address many of these issues.

Employment solutions for large-scale renewable energy projects

When considering working with energy industry recruiters, renewable energy firms should ask themselves a series of questions:

1. Do we need contract staffing or direct hire?

Contractors are typically the ideal fit for most organizations developing and implementing large-scale renewable energy projects. Contractors are aware that their employment will have a start and finish date because of the longevity of these projects. Furthermore, whether owing to design concerns or weather-related building delays, all renewable energy construction projects are subject to delays. As a result of these two elements, one of the most frequently mentioned benefits of contract staffing is staffing flexibility. You can avoid carrying extra employees during slower months or have all hands on deck when meeting a deadline with contract staffing.

2. What types of skills do we need candidates to have?

Another advantage of hiring contract workers is the ability to supply knowledge that your present staff may lack. Our extensive bench of personnel has experience with large-scale renewable energy project building. Our contractors gain new skills when each job is done, and they are ready to apply them to the next project.

3. What do these workers need to be the most efficient while on the job?

Employees in the renewable energy industry must be able to get up and running quickly. To enhance productivity, owners/operators want contractors who are fully equipped with the necessary tools and technologies, including:

  • Tire treads designed for certain driving conditions.
  • Electronic equipment, including laptops and mobile devices.
  • Personal protective equipment, including hard hats, safety glasses, reflective vests, appropriate footwear, and fire-retardant clothing.

Furthermore, renewable energy companies should partner with a construction staffing agency to arrange travel and lodging for their contractors. Contract workers may focus on producing high-quality work while owner/operators can focus on finishing projects on-time and efficiently by providing these types of enhanced services.

4. How can we retain the contingent workforce we do hire, especially if we’re in a geographically remote location?

Contractors unable to commit to the entire duration of a project are one of the major challenges that owners/operators face. This is usually the case when a construction staffing agency:

  • Fails to thoroughly vet the contractor's skills and capabilities, and/or
  • Fails to fully communicate the job's requirements and expectations.

Companies should look for hiring firms that have a well-established screening and selection process in place to ensure that all professionals are dependable, capable of performing the job, and a good fit for your company.

5. What regulatory and compliance issues do we need to address for third-party hires?

As part of the SThree Group, a leading international staffing company, we have the support required to identify the greatest candidates on a global scale whilst maintaining a localized, on-the-ground approach and therefore maintaining stringent compliance is in our very DNA. To further limit exposure to a wide range of risks facing our clientele, Progressive maintains rigorous contractual compliance and employs substantive measures to further mitigate risk. Over the years, we’ve invested in our technology to ensure we can offer all the support required – from contractor compliance, mobilization, management, payroll processing, and reporting.

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